Weekend Wrap Up - Crawl For Cancer Edition

August 22, 2011

This weekend was so much fun! Saturday we participated in Crawl for Cancer.  It was a blast like always & everyone had a fun & safe time! 

Some of the girls on my team!
Lisa, Me, Sonia, Vicky, & Jessika
Eric & I participating in our 4th crawl!

Sunday we decided it was time for Bella to get her own tv in her room.  She actually never uses her room at all except to pick out her clothes and shoes (which Momma usually does for her), so we thought that since she was starting kindergarten today (she's going to take a kindergarten class at her daycare to get ready for public school next year!) that it was time she started sleeping in her own bed.  The best way to get her to do that? Put a tv in her room! So we went to Best Buy & got a small flat screen to put on her dresser.  She was uber-excited!  We've decided that at 7:30 she'll get her bath, then watch one tv show before bed in her room.  She was very happy with that idea!
We also cleaned out our closet & Bella's and managed 4 huge garbage bags full of clothes and shoes to donate.  Bella actually loves to help decide what clothes, shoes, & toys to donate and we feel it's a good message to help people in need.  We dropped everything off at Goodwill before heading to get her new tv.  She was so excited she waved goodbye to the man who took our bags from the car! We just laughed, but was glad to know she understands that we are blessed to have the lives we do, and not everyone is that lucky, so we help as much as possible.
Last night went well until the tv turned off and her bedroom got dark.  Then she got scared & we went and comforted her until she fell asleep.  Around 2 a.m. she had a nightmare, so Daddy went and slept in her room to keep her comforted.  All in all, not a horrible first night in the big girl room! 


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  1. Awe... She will get there!! I want to teach Alex about giving at a young age too!!!!


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