September 11, 2011

Sept. 11, 2001 - I was a junior in college at Southwest Texas State University.  My roommate & I decided to skip Tuesday morning classes to sleep in.  Eric called me around 8:30 and told me to turn on the tv.  I asked him what channel to put it on and he said, "Any channel it doesn't matter." So I turned on the tv in my bedroom & saw NYC.  My first question to him was, "Honey, where are the twin towers?!" That's when I knew.  

I immediately went in to wake Amanda up, then called my parents.  Dad was extremely scared and told me to please start calling all of our family in New York City & make sure they are okay.  I called for 12 hours straight only to get busy signals.  

9/11 is not only the day 2,987 people lost their lives, it is also the day that changed America forever.  I will never forget the people who ran into the burning towers to help get everyone out.  They are not only fireman, EMS, & police; they are the true hero's of our time.  

God Bless everyone who lost their lives that day & all of the hero's that are now loosing their lives to cancer due to working in those terrible conditions.  We will never forget any one of you & we will always be thankful for everything you did.  



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