Weekend Wrap Up

September 26, 2011

This weekend was supposed to be a nice quiet family weekend, but quickly changed once we realized Bella had a classmate's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese to attend! Let me start at the beginning...

Saturday morning Eric had to work so I took Bella to swim class.

Bella sporting her swimsuit coverup before going to Aquatots!
 How cute is that coverup?! Target had them on for $4.50!! I was too excited not to buy one! (Now back to the weekend) So we went to Aquatots class & Bella did awesome & actually got a ribbon for being a Fearless Floater! She was overjoyed, but has since decided that she is done with swimming and it's time to move onto gymnastics! (This Momma is uber excited since I myself was a gymnast wayyyy back when!)

After swim class, we went home and got her bathed & ready for her party.  The only problem was that it wasn't for 6 more hours! When Eric got home from work, we decided to go meet some of his friends at a wing place and cheer on the Aggies.  (Yes I know, Aggies?! But we had a lot of fun & it was a great game!)

Then it was onto Chuck E Cheese... Lord help us all!  The party was actually a lot of fun & Bella knew all the kids.  They played for quite a while & I got to meet their parents. After all the cake was eaten, presents were opened, & kids screamed their heads off, we made it home. 

Bella & Alex at the Cheese's.  She was so excited she closed her eyes for the picture!
Sunday we went to church, then headed to Grandma & Grandpa's house to catch up.  They just got back from vacation & we got to see how it went.  Bella was so excited to see them & it just made her day!  We were planning on heading to Costco afterwards, but once we got into the car Bella was fast asleep.  So we went, but Eric went in to grab a few things & I stayed in the car with her to let her get some beauty rest.  We spent the evening watching football & bbqing at a friend's house before heading home and falling asleep before 9.  Nice fun weekend and not at all planned... Momma could get used to this!

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