Well I Was Wrong... Again!

September 12, 2011

I posted last Thursday that our family & lives are finally going to get back to normal over the weekend... NOPE! For some reason, from the time I picked Bella up from school Thursday afternoon until we went to sleep last night all Bella did was whine & cry.  She also was awesome enough to cling to me constantly all weekend!  YEA! (note the sarcasm here!)

I don't know if something happened or not, but by last night I was fed up with the whining.  3 hour car ride listening to whining and crying had me over my breaking point! I had to just remember to let myself breathe and grind my teeth so I wouldn't get flustered or extremely mad at her. 

This morning she seemed back to her normal happy-go-lucky self, so I am praying she stays that way.  Momma can't handle another whiny evening! Haha!


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