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October 31, 2011


Friday Loves Guest Post

October 28, 2011

Every Friday I post my favorite things I found throughout the week that I am now in love with. Since one of my very favorite things is my family & friends, I've been lucky enough to have Melissa from Keeping Up with the Rheinlanders come and tell us her favorites things this week (who, btw is also my best friend for 15 years!)
Welcome Melissa!

Just a quick thanks to My Munoz Family for letting me guest post today!!
So let’s get to it…

Friday Loves
This week of course it very exciting to me because it is the weekend of our annual adult Halloween Costume Party!! It is kind of an anniversary for me and the Hubby since this is where we met. Maybe next year we can do this couple’s costume…


Amazingly the weather is getting cooler here in Texas and I made Beef Stew this week. The Hubby couldn’t stop raving about it and the father in law said he didn’t know I could cook like that… LOL!! So here is a picture of the Stew that I tweeted out while making it…

Wine… is there really anything else to explain??? I was super excited to find flipflop wines at my HEB that I shop at so of course I had to stock up!! I think this could be on my list every week  : )

Also this week I am excited about Bridesmaids the movie!! I have not watched it yet but plan on it this weekend! I have tissue ready for my tears from laughing so hard…

Last but not least!! My most favorite LOVE everyday is my little monkey! Look at that cute little face how could she not be anyone’s favorite…

So these were my Fridays Loves! Thanks again for having me : ) Make sure to stop by Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s sometime to say hello!!

Thanks Mel! I love that little girl of yours, she definitely is adorable (and finally letting me hold her! Ha!) I still have to see Bridesmaids, because I think I may be the only person left in the US that has not watched it!


October 26, 2011

As you all know, I am obsessed in love with Pinterest.com. (Are you following me on Pinterest?!) Here are my favorites I saw this week!


I am hoping tonight will be a celebratory night in our house when the Rangers win the World Series for the 1st time EVER! Go RANGERS!!


I wish I could sew and make something wonderful like this!

I am seriously going to put something like this in my entryway!

What's your favorite things on Pinterest this week?!


Holiday Photo Cards {Tiny Prints}

October 25, 2011

Ever since I became a mom, I have been obsessed with Christmas.  I mean to the extent that I get uber stressed out by the time December 24th rolls around. 

From decorating, shopping, cooking, etc. I worry and stress about it all.  The main thing I stress out about? Christmas Cards! We have to have the perfect card every year to send out to family and friends.  They have to have the best pictures & sayings. 

That's why I love Tiny Prints photo cards! They are adorable!!

 This year (because you know I've already started looking at Christmas cards & deciding which I love!) I've decided to go with a more modern card.  Here's a few I am utterly in love with right now:

OMG this one is so perfect for Newlyweds, just wish we had snow in Texas!

I love the simplicity of this card, just pure perfection.

I think this is the winner! It doubles as a card and an ornament! Fabulous!

Other than how adorably perfect Tiny Prints cards are, I love how reasonable the prices are (they range from $.69 - $1.99) and you can customize the front (and back!) for free! (Which you know matters to me because I usually change the wording at least 10x before actually putting my order in!)

Tiny Prints also has the most adorable holiday address labels to send your fabulous card in!

And to top the cute-ness off, Tiny Prints have wonderful holiday party invitations! You know how hard a holiday party is to plan, and now at least the invites will be done and ready to go!

This is definitely where I'll be getting all my holiday cards & one less thing I'll be stressed out about in the coming weeks! And that is something that I absolutely love!


Disclaimer - I was given some cards in order to review Tiny Prints.  I was not in any way compensated for a good or favorable review.  Everything expressed was My Munoz Family's personal opinion.

Campus Book Rentals

October 24, 2011

Now this Momma has been out of college for 8 quite a few years now, but I remember back to the day I'd have to go to the store and buy all of my textbooks for the semester.  It was horrible standing in line for hours & spending hundreds of dollars knowing that in 6 months I'd bring them back and get a few dollars back for each of them!

Now there's a website called Campus Book Rentals, where you can go online (instead of standing with hundreds of other people for hours in line) and rent all of your textbooks! Rentals are 40-90% cheaper than at the traditional bookstore & they pay for shipping both ways! You can even highlight in your textbooks without fear of getting charged for it & they have flexible rental periods. 

Now, I will say my daughter has a good 13 years until I have to worry about renting textbooks for her, but I think this is a fabulous idea for anyone who is going back to college or has kiddos that are starting college soon. 

My absolute favorite part of Campus Book Rentals is that with every book rented, they donate to Operation Smile!! That is ah-maze-ing! 

From their website:
"We're ecstatic to announce our 2011 Making a Difference Program. We have officially teamed up with Operation Smile, an out of this world, awesome organization, that performs life changing cleft lip surgeries on children whose families could not otherwise afford it. The long term Improvement in quality of life for the children that receive these surgeries is almost incomprehensible. We have committed to donating enough to cover a minimum of 1,000 life changing surgeries. We hope To beat that number, but it's a significant commitment.
So for EVERY book rented starting now, we will donate a portion of those proceeds to Operation Smile with our sights set on meeting and exceeding our goal of 1,000 lives changed. So add that extra book to your cart, and consider this goal as you go back to school this year. Thank you for your support."


Disclaimer: Campus Book Rentals gave me a nice gift as a gesture for talking about their website.  I was not compensated in any way for a good or favorable review.  These are My Munoz Family opinions only!

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Autumn

This weekend we did nothing but have family time & celebrate the Fall.  Mind you, it was in 90 degree weather, but we'll act like it was crisp & cool in the 60's and I got to wear my cute new boots with my skinny jeans, long sleeved shirt & scarf.  (Not the actual jeans, t-shirt, & flip flops I actually wore since it was sweltering!)

Friday night we took Bella to the Halloween superstore to get the rest of our costumes.  I was a little hesitant for her to go into that type of store because they have all those crazy looking dolls filled with fake blood and screaming when someone walks by.  But instead of being scared, she loved it! She pushed every button to see every gory screaming doll & laughed! Eric & I were both shocked that she wasn't the least bit scared!

Saturday was her Fall Festival at school. Eric had to work, but luckily Grandma was able to come and meet us for it. We had the best time (mainly because it was in the morning and only 70 degrees! Am I still complaining about the weather?! Geez Summer!) She got to play tons of games, get a feather put in her hair, watch 2 3D movies, & play with friends from her class.  It was a blast! It also tuckered Momma out to the extent of falling onto the couch and not wanting to get up once we got home.  After getting my energy back, we ran errands, then came home to grill hamburgers & watch the Ranger game.  It was a great night complete with delicious fattening food & a great game that unfortunately wasn't so great for our Rangers.

Bella in the car waiting for the Fall Festival to open
Sunday we went to church then came home to get ready for the pumpkin patch.  We met Aunt Sandra & Uncle Mark at the Sweetberry Farms pumpkin patch.  It was so beautiful & unbelievably HOT!! (Okay, I'll stop talking about the heat now!!) She got to paint pumpkins, go on a hay ride, etc. Fun fun day! We finished the weekend off all helping make homemade chili & watching the Rangers beat the Cardinals in game 4! Great great Fall weekend!


Friday Loves

October 21, 2011

This week is all food! With the holidays right around the corner, my mouth & stomach have been watering for some new & delicious recipes!

1) Cream Cheese Sausage Pinwheels
I am definitely making this super easy & delicious dish for breakfast this weekend!!

2) Chicken & Dumpling Casserole
When I was a kid, I hated any and all casseroles.  My mom would religiously sometimes make them & I always just picked at it.  Now that I'm a mom, I love them! Super easy & delicious... too bad Bella has the same feelings for them as I did her age!

3) Chicken Tortilla Soup
You can't be a Texan and not love tortilla soup! And who makes the best?! None other than the Pioneer Woman!! (She kinda makes the best EVERYTHING!)

4) Phineaus & Ferb Cookies
My daughter is obsessed with Phineaus & Ferb! We watch their show at least 3 times a day & I sadly have almost all the words in each show memorized.  This would be a perfect surpise after a long day at school!

5) Cheesy Garlic Biscuits
3 words that I adore... Cheesy Garlic Biscuits.  Enough said.


Reminder: Marzetti Caramel Dip Giveaway!

October 19, 2011

Just a reminder... the Marzetti Caramel dip giveaway ends on Oct. 20th! Make sure to enter the Rafflecopter entries to win! 2 winners will be announced tomorrow!!

Good luck!


Weekend Wrap Up

October 17, 2011

Ahhh what a weekend! Complete with girl's night in, shopping, watching my Texas Rangers go to the World Series, & a huge meltdown at Academy.  Almost perfect...

Friday night was girl's night in.  We had it at my house & had a wonderful time! All of us catching up, laughing, & gossiping all night! Just perfect!

Me & My SIL!

My Favorite girls!
Sandra, me, Amanda, & Sonia
Saturday morning, we took Bella to swim class where she was told she is ready to move up to the next level! Woo-hoo!!! Oh except for the fact that she only has 2 classes left before we cancel and go with gymnastics...
After swimming, we got all cleaned up and headed to Academy to get Bella a Longhorn's t-shirt.  Here's where the meltdown happened... we were in Academy for all of 30 seconds when she decided this is definitely NOT where she wants to purchase her next Longhorn's shirt.  We just laughed it off & headed to the kid's section, where Bella proceeded to scream at the top of her lungs, "I don't want to get my shirt here, I hate this store!" (Note to readers: Bella has NEVER been in an Academy store before) So we promptly walked outside and to the car where we told her if she doesn't like where we pick to get her clothes, then she doesn't need to get any clothes at all.  That's where the high pitched screaming started.  She kept screaming, "Let me go!!!" & people started staring at us thinking we were kidnapping her! I was so pissed off upset. We ended up heading home and putting Bella in time out. 

After the meltdown ended, I went to talk to her about respecting us & other shoppers at stores.  It was a long talk, but in the end she realized if she doesn't listen to Mommy & Daddy, then she's not getting a Longhorns shirt today.  So after calming down and apologizing, we headed to the outlet mall to get her a shirt. (Because Lord knows I am not going back to Academy that day!)  We finished our shopping trip at Michaels where I bought these adorable dots to put on a pumpkin!

Our pumpkin in our front yard!

We finished the weekend off watching the Horns loose, the Rangers win, & the Cowboys suck as usual.  All in all a great weekend with just a humongous little bump along the way! Happy Monday peeps!


My Munoz Family Update

October 15, 2011

Time for a family update! It really has been such a long time since I've posted really anything about my family on here, so it's about time!

Bella is doing wonderfully in her kindergarten class, and learning a lot! I am surprised at how much she knows already & is actually starting to read! Not huge words or anything, but she's getting the hang of it.  We work on math at home a few times a week & she is learning to add and subtract on her fingers.  It's great to see her grow and learn! 
She is going through a stage right now where she is uber clingy.  I don't mean she just likes the occasional hug, I mean all out hanging on my legs while I'm standing anywhere at any point of the day, whining for no reason and then telling me she just "wants" me, eventhough I am right next to her, etc.  Now don't get me wrong, this Momma loves to cuddle & spend quality time with my girl, but when I can't close the door to go potty, we have a problem! She doesn't do this to Eric, and so he totally doesn't understand why I get upset sometimes, but when he sees her clinging to me like white on rice, he starts seeing why having a 40 lb. child on my leg and trying to make dinner at a hot stove isn't very practical.  Let's hope this "phase" passes today quickly!

Eric is starting to travel for his job, which is a great night away for me! I have to be at work before the crack of dawn extremely early, and so the grandparents watch Bella the nights Eric is out of town.  I usually meet up with friends for dinner & drinks, then head home to enjoy the silence of not having football blaring in the living room while Bella's computer is screaming upstairs.  Ahhhh the peace and quiet! That is until I go to bed & it gets too quiet! Then I only sleep half the night, while wondering if that scratching I heard on my roof could possibly be some type of burglar trying to get into our casa in a new and obviously dangerous way.  Yep that's the thought that go through my head at 2 a.m.

In news about me... nothing really.  I am Christmas shopping little by little every week, saving every penny for our Disney Cruise next year, and thinking of ways to redecorate the house on a penny pincher's budget!  What's crazy is I will spend plenty of moula on clothes, shoes, & purses; but have a hard time parting with it for things to do with the house... $20 for a mirror?! Ha!

So that's the update of the month.  Hope everyone has a great week!


Friday Loves

October 14, 2011

Every Friday I am going to post my favorite things I am loving this week.  It might be food, clothes, handbags, make-up, etc.  Pretty much just the things that I am dying to get soon! So let's get started!
Tory Burch Flats
Because who doesn't love Tory Burch?!

Fossil Handbag
I am absolutely obsessed with this bag! I've posted it with 2 outfits on Polyvore & have searched and hinted to the hubby about my obsession love for this handbag! It's a must!!
Fall Scarf
I would die for this scarf... literally! (I love How I Met Your Mother!)

Perfect way to end the day!

Happy Friday Peeps!


October 13, 2011

I can now officially say I am addicted to Pinterest & Polyvore! I love making my own outfits on Polyvore & pinning them to Pinterest! (As you can tell by how often I am now posting adorable outfits!) I've only made a few outfits myself, and honestly, I probably can't afford most of them, but it's so much fun to play and imagine!

I made this one and absolutely adore it! I WANT that purse!!
I'm also getting such great ideas for DIY home decorating! I keep telling the Hubby all these ideas I have due to seeing pictures on Pinterest, and he just laughs, because honestly, I am a person who would go out and buy the cute frames & wall decors instead of actually making them! Now, I am thinking of making my own kitchen rug, and how to use my saved shoeboxes to make a darling chevron design in my formal dining room! What has become of me?!

Well at least I know my house will be adorable & that I did it on the cheap! Score!!


Halloween Costume!

October 12, 2011

I am so excited for Eric & I to actually have matching costumes! (which, btw hasn't happened since I was pregnant in 2006!) We're going as a 1920's couple!  I'll be a flapper (wig, cigarette holder, & all!) and Eric is going as a 20's mobster.  I can't wait!

It's super easy for Eric's costume because he wears a suit & tie everyday to work.  So all we're having to get is suspenders & a fedora and maybe a fake gun.  All in all a nice cheap Halloween costume that should be perfect!

So what are you going to be for Halloween?? Can't believe it's only a few weeks away!


Looks Like Another Win!!

October 10, 2011

It looks like my Texas Rangers are doing it again!! I can't wait to see them in the World Series for the 2nd year in a row!! 



A History Lesson in Fashion

I absolutely adore this video! I love history & of course fashion, so this video is pure perfection for me! Enjoy peeps!

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