Friday Loves Guest Post

October 28, 2011

Every Friday I post my favorite things I found throughout the week that I am now in love with. Since one of my very favorite things is my family & friends, I've been lucky enough to have Melissa from Keeping Up with the Rheinlanders come and tell us her favorites things this week (who, btw is also my best friend for 15 years!)
Welcome Melissa!

Just a quick thanks to My Munoz Family for letting me guest post today!!
So let’s get to it…

Friday Loves
This week of course it very exciting to me because it is the weekend of our annual adult Halloween Costume Party!! It is kind of an anniversary for me and the Hubby since this is where we met. Maybe next year we can do this couple’s costume…


Amazingly the weather is getting cooler here in Texas and I made Beef Stew this week. The Hubby couldn’t stop raving about it and the father in law said he didn’t know I could cook like that… LOL!! So here is a picture of the Stew that I tweeted out while making it…

Wine… is there really anything else to explain??? I was super excited to find flipflop wines at my HEB that I shop at so of course I had to stock up!! I think this could be on my list every week  : )

Also this week I am excited about Bridesmaids the movie!! I have not watched it yet but plan on it this weekend! I have tissue ready for my tears from laughing so hard…

Last but not least!! My most favorite LOVE everyday is my little monkey! Look at that cute little face how could she not be anyone’s favorite…

So these were my Fridays Loves! Thanks again for having me : ) Make sure to stop by Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s sometime to say hello!!

Thanks Mel! I love that little girl of yours, she definitely is adorable (and finally letting me hold her! Ha!) I still have to see Bridesmaids, because I think I may be the only person left in the US that has not watched it!


  1. Thanks for having me today : )
    We can watch Bridesmaids together and have some wine!!

  2. Hi! I am stopping by from Kelly's Korner. Cute blog!

    You are not the only person left in the US that hasn't seen Bridesmaids. I'm the only other one, though!

  3. Hi! I have never made beef stew...I guess I should give it a try. My mother-in-law makes it and my husband loves it. I'm dying to see Bridesmaids.

  4. You need to post that beef stew recipe - it looks awesome!


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