It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Autumn

October 24, 2011

This weekend we did nothing but have family time & celebrate the Fall.  Mind you, it was in 90 degree weather, but we'll act like it was crisp & cool in the 60's and I got to wear my cute new boots with my skinny jeans, long sleeved shirt & scarf.  (Not the actual jeans, t-shirt, & flip flops I actually wore since it was sweltering!)

Friday night we took Bella to the Halloween superstore to get the rest of our costumes.  I was a little hesitant for her to go into that type of store because they have all those crazy looking dolls filled with fake blood and screaming when someone walks by.  But instead of being scared, she loved it! She pushed every button to see every gory screaming doll & laughed! Eric & I were both shocked that she wasn't the least bit scared!

Saturday was her Fall Festival at school. Eric had to work, but luckily Grandma was able to come and meet us for it. We had the best time (mainly because it was in the morning and only 70 degrees! Am I still complaining about the weather?! Geez Summer!) She got to play tons of games, get a feather put in her hair, watch 2 3D movies, & play with friends from her class.  It was a blast! It also tuckered Momma out to the extent of falling onto the couch and not wanting to get up once we got home.  After getting my energy back, we ran errands, then came home to grill hamburgers & watch the Ranger game.  It was a great night complete with delicious fattening food & a great game that unfortunately wasn't so great for our Rangers.

Bella in the car waiting for the Fall Festival to open
Sunday we went to church then came home to get ready for the pumpkin patch.  We met Aunt Sandra & Uncle Mark at the Sweetberry Farms pumpkin patch.  It was so beautiful & unbelievably HOT!! (Okay, I'll stop talking about the heat now!!) She got to paint pumpkins, go on a hay ride, etc. Fun fun day! We finished the weekend off all helping make homemade chili & watching the Rangers beat the Cardinals in game 4! Great great Fall weekend!


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  1. Glad you guys had a great time! We went to a pumpkin patch in SATX on Sunday and it was hot down there too and then I made the mistake of wearing all black.


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