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October 5, 2011

I haven't posted because I have been home sick since Sunday with a nasty virus, so until my throat allows me to start talking again & I'm not running a fever, here are my favorite outfits I've found this week on Pinterest! Enjoy!!
A week's worth of outfits! Love that necklace!

I LOVE wearing dark purple & this outfit is darling!

Loving that purse... too bad it's $1,600!!

I have those flats ($12 at Target!!) and love all of these together... precious!
Hoping to be back to normal next week & posting like a mad woman again... until then, have a great week Peeps!


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  1. Summer, you can buy those outfits for a cheaper price. Remember we have Forever 21, Ross, or any discount store to find those bargains in those outfits. When I see 1,000 dollar outfit which I can find for less than 50 dollars.


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