October 26, 2011

As you all know, I am obsessed in love with (Are you following me on Pinterest?!) Here are my favorites I saw this week!


I am hoping tonight will be a celebratory night in our house when the Rangers win the World Series for the 1st time EVER! Go RANGERS!!


I wish I could sew and make something wonderful like this!

I am seriously going to put something like this in my entryway!

What's your favorite things on Pinterest this week?!



  1. I love that bag... Alex has a baby blanket with the same material!!

  2. Hi, how are you? Love what you have done to the place : ) Love the chandeliers! Hope your hubbie likes them so you can put them up. Well I came by to tell you it is that time 2nd anniversary blog party. Hope you can make it tomorrow. You were a great support last year.

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