Weekend Wrap Up

October 17, 2011

Ahhh what a weekend! Complete with girl's night in, shopping, watching my Texas Rangers go to the World Series, & a huge meltdown at Academy.  Almost perfect...

Friday night was girl's night in.  We had it at my house & had a wonderful time! All of us catching up, laughing, & gossiping all night! Just perfect!

Me & My SIL!

My Favorite girls!
Sandra, me, Amanda, & Sonia
Saturday morning, we took Bella to swim class where she was told she is ready to move up to the next level! Woo-hoo!!! Oh except for the fact that she only has 2 classes left before we cancel and go with gymnastics...
After swimming, we got all cleaned up and headed to Academy to get Bella a Longhorn's t-shirt.  Here's where the meltdown happened... we were in Academy for all of 30 seconds when she decided this is definitely NOT where she wants to purchase her next Longhorn's shirt.  We just laughed it off & headed to the kid's section, where Bella proceeded to scream at the top of her lungs, "I don't want to get my shirt here, I hate this store!" (Note to readers: Bella has NEVER been in an Academy store before) So we promptly walked outside and to the car where we told her if she doesn't like where we pick to get her clothes, then she doesn't need to get any clothes at all.  That's where the high pitched screaming started.  She kept screaming, "Let me go!!!" & people started staring at us thinking we were kidnapping her! I was so pissed off upset. We ended up heading home and putting Bella in time out. 

After the meltdown ended, I went to talk to her about respecting us & other shoppers at stores.  It was a long talk, but in the end she realized if she doesn't listen to Mommy & Daddy, then she's not getting a Longhorns shirt today.  So after calming down and apologizing, we headed to the outlet mall to get her a shirt. (Because Lord knows I am not going back to Academy that day!)  We finished our shopping trip at Michaels where I bought these adorable dots to put on a pumpkin!

Our pumpkin in our front yard!

We finished the weekend off watching the Horns loose, the Rangers win, & the Cowboys suck as usual.  All in all a great weekend with just a humongous little bump along the way! Happy Monday peeps!


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