Family Movie Night

November 7, 2011

Once a month or so, Eric & I love to have a family movie night. It gets all 3 of us to sit down for a few hours & just spend quality time together.  We'll grab a movie we really want to buy or sometimes rent one. We always love seeing all the new DVD releases and deciding which movie to get. This month we decided to see Cars 2. Bella & I got to see this in the movie theater when it first came out, but Daddy had to miss it, so we thought we'd be nice and watch it with him. (To which Bella said was perfectly fine, since it's her "absolutely favorite movie of all time"!)

If you haven't seen Cars 2 with your kids yet, please do! It's actually pretty funny even for adults & had Eric and I cracking up during it.  Bella loved Finn McMissile and of course Mater the most. I love that they got to travel around the world in this movie, and it also taught Bella about different cultures & different countries.  Ever since we saw the movie in movie theater, Bella has been obsessed with anything and everything Cars, and it start to calm down a little within the past month or so, but after movie night, we're in full Cars 2 mode again!
While it makes for a great popcorn & candy filled evening, it's also a great bonding time for my family.  With all the errands, work, blogging, gymnastics, blogging, and shopping, (did I mention blogging?!) we do, we feel the need to make sure we all 3 get a few hours together to have fun, laugh, & just relax together. We all get on one couch, with the fireplace going and lots of blankets, and I just sit there watching her laugh at everything Mater says!  It makes for the perfect Friday night!

Have you had a great family movie night lately?!


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