Friday Loves

November 4, 2011

Since the Fall is finally upon us here in Texas, I wanted to post about that! Hopefully I'll be able to add to my closet with some of these cuties!

Gosh I am in love with the Dolman sweater! I see them everywhere and they look so comfy & yet totally cute still! I will definitely be hitting up American Eagle to get one of these soon!

I love the sparkle nail polish trend & this seems fab for Thanksgiving to me! I'm one who only wears nail polish on her toes & not on her fingernails, so wearing boots during the winter always makes me sad not to be able to show off my cute piggies!

I actually bought these boots a few weeks ago from American Eagle (are we seeing a trend here?!) and I adore them!! They are uber comfy all day long & look totally adorable with skinny jeans and a sweater.  I am in love!

You Peeps know my obsession love of scarves and this one just makes me happy! I love any type of scarf you can almost snuggle up to! Make bearing the terrible winters here in Texas a little better! (Notice the sarcasm in that last sentence!)

Happy Weekend!


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