Friday Loves

November 18, 2011

I think it's time for my hodge podge loves this week.  Everything from lotions to clothes to sayings, I am all over the place this week & I love it!! Let's get this party started!!

I desperately need some new body lotion this past week.  I ONLY buy Gold Bond, because honestly, it's the only lotion I've tried that actually hydrates my skin.  I mean seriously, I've tried them all, the expensive to the cheapos and Gold Bond is perfection for me.  Then on the shelves was this new Gold Bond Ultimate Sheer Ribbons so I knew I had to try it! (And the $3 off HEB coupon didn't hurt either!)  I am in love!! The way it comes out like whipped cream, the smell is heavenly, & it lasts on my skin forever!  Hello Love!


Another fabulous idea for New Year's! I love that top! I went onto the site that sells this dress & found out the skirt is a wee bit short, so I'll just dream of the top & wish they made these dresses for women who are over the age of 21 & not a size 0!!


This is definitely a DREAM purse! Alexander McQueen is the idea of true perfection when it comes to handbags (and clothes, and shoes, etc. etc. etc.) but with the $1540.00 price tag, I'll have to sit here at my desk, stare at this beautiful handbag, and wish they made this for people who can afford something a little in the lower price range!

Happy Friday, what are your loves for this week?!


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  1. i am buying that lotion, loving that quote and wanting that dress!!


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