Halloween 2011 Recap

November 1, 2011

Eric & I celebrated Halloween adult style at Melissa's "Annual Halloween at the Ranch". We went as a 1920's couple (mainly because we love Boardwalk Empire!) It was wayyy too much fun for one old couple who never goes out to handle, but we had a blast and so glad we went!

Doesn't he look like one of Nucky's guys?!

Bella had a Halloween costume parade & trick or treating at her school, so we brought her costume with her to change into beforehand.  She is Tinkerbell this year & Momma decided wearing that tiny costume with wings on her arms all day was not going to be comfy enough! 

I got to her school about 5 minutes before the parade was starting and had to park a block away! I was shocked how packed it was! All the kiddos dressed in their costumes and did a 2 run around the playground showing them off to everyone!  Afterwards, Bella & a few of her friends (not shockingly all boys!) went trick or treating to each classroom around the school.  We ended this festive evening trick or treating in our neighborhood, then at family's houses! She was passed out in the car by 9:30! Such a fab Halloween!

I'll post the pictures tonight once Momma gets a break!

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  1. We had a great time and glad you guys came out!! Your costumes were awesome : )


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