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November 8, 2011

Today's lesson is on IPhone Apps... and the greatness that is the IPhone! I've had an IPhone for over 3 years now, and upgraded to the IPhone 4 as my Mother's Day gift from my hubby & daughter this past year.  I adore this phone! I take thousands of pictures on it and now with the new 4S upgrade, I can take out red-eye, crop, & enhance the photo right after taking it! Hello technology!!

So my favorite apps right now all have to do with pictures & photo taking... shocking I know!
Pic Collage
The idea is to make cute collages out of your pictures you've already taken.  You get to pick the background, as many pictures as you want, and move them around/make them smaller or larger before storing it or posting to Facebook or Twitter.  I think it makes an adorable collage of my favorite pictures over the year!

Pic Frame
This one allows you to pick your canvas & how many pictures you want, & for an extra little fee, you can add wording onto the photos! (I think the total cost is $2!) I love this one for different holidays & especially for me to make for Bella's next birthday party!


Okay, anyone who has an IPhone & takes tons of pictures with it probably knows about Instagram, but it is still one of my very favorite apps I've ever downloaded! (And it's FREE!!) It can literally change your entire picture and make it look older or more artsy! And since I don't have an artsy bone in my body, I can use all the help I can get!

Hello?! Look how dark & pretty we all look in this picture!! Ah-maz-ing!!

So, what are your favorite IPhone apps?! I'd love to get more than my gazillion I already have!


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