Polyvore & Pinterest Obsessed!

November 29, 2011

As you all know, I am crazily a little obsessed with Polyvore & Pinterest.  I've posted many times about them & my obsession continues today! I made another Polyvore concoction labeled Perfect Sunday Outfit, and personally, I'd love to have all these pieces in my wardrobe for Christmas!

Tell me this outfit isn't cute & comfy! I'm officially in love with the jeans tucked into comfy boots craze & personally wear it often. (Which I know my hubs & friends are probably extremely sick of!)

Okay this outfit is exactly a little similar to the one above, but I can't get over how cute and comfy the fashion for Fall & Winter are.  Just perfect!

I have officially added this sweater to my Christmas wish list on Amazon! It's just so adorable!! Okay, okay, getting off the sweater kick now...


This has nothing to do with fashion & sweaters, promise!! I read The Small Things Blog on a daily basis.  She has great videos on how to do your hair, and the newest she posted yesterday isn't necessarily for me (I have lots of hair and don't need any more volume! Ha!) but it's perfect for anyone with fine/thin hair.  Kate is awesome and posts where she gets her clothes in the pictures from too. You know I want to know!

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  1. I love your fashion taste for this winter season. Simply and easy fashion with watching your dollar. Thank you for posting on your blog. You have given me some ideas for this winter season.


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