Christmas Rundown

December 26, 2011

This Christmas has to be one of the best we've ever had! (minus my daughter falling back off the couch & hitting her head, then hitting it again the next day on a wall!) 

Other than that, it was amazing! Here's some pictures over the past month of my family and I celebrating! 

Bella's Christmas recital at her school was so adorable! They all dressed like snowmen & sang songs in Spanish & English.  This is her class, most of these kids have been together for over 2 years. It'll be so sad when they graduate in May and go to their own elementary school.

We surprised Bella last Friday with her 1st Christmas gift... tickets to see Phineas & Ferb Live in concert! It's her absolute favorite show & up until we got into the stadium she had no idea who she was going to see!

The only thing she asked for while there was cotton candy with the Phineas hat attached.  I was shocked that it cost $10, but since Momma was a smarty and packed all her Phineas characters in my purse, she didn't feel the need to ask for anything else! Score! $10 out the door?! SOLD!

Daddy & Bella with all her stuffed animals waiting for the show to start... how adorable is my family?!

Christmas morning at Papa's house.  She got wayyy too many gifts from family and especially Santa! Our entire living room is covered in toys right now!

My awesome family opening gifts! We got my sister & our Dad suitcases they were wanting.  They were both excited beyond belief! I got some great clothes & $$ for our cruise! 

What did Bella want to play with 1st?! The boxes for the suitcases of course! How funny is my little munchkin?! 

Mommy & Bella on Christmas Eve before church.  It's a Christmas I'll never forget! God is Great!!

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