Friday Loves

December 2, 2011

Today in Texas it's chilly (and supposedly getting much colder this weekend!) and very rainy.  I know... Rain?! What is this weird water falling from the sky?! (We've been in a terrible drought for over a year now) This weather makes me think of being in my pj's, with a good book, & a cup of Starbucks white chocolate mocha with non-fat milk & light whip... too much info?!
Here's some of my favorite lazy, rainy day attire... Enjoy!
These just scream cold winter's morning to me, and makes me want to say yes please!! Sitting with the fireplace on in these... perfection.
Did I just put another college football team on my blog other than the Horns?! Well, I think these shirts from Old Navy are absolutely adorable, except they don't have one for my beloved Horns. (which btw is going to kill Baylor this weekend in our last game!) So I went with MSU.  I love Sparty & thought this shirt was just precious!
I bought these a few weeks back and love them! They are uber comfy & just perfect for the holidays! What's not to love?!
A great book... there's nothing better on a rainy cold day.  I've read The Great Gatsby many times & love it.  I love books dating back to the 1920's-1940's. Puts me in a different place & time, which I love.  The best part?  They are filming a movie for this book right now with Leo!  Hello people!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful relaxing weekend!

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