Friday Loves

December 16, 2011

I might be on a bloggy break this week, but I couldn't miss posting my Friday Loves! This week is all about hair.  I am so obsessed looking at different hairstyles for New Years and deciding which ones would be perfect for our party & thought, why not show you my loves & you can help me decide?!  So, here we go!


I am a religous follower of The Small Things Blog. I adore Kate's hair & wish mine could be as cute all the time! Last week my Chi went out on me & I was devastated.  I started researching what flat irons were the best & immediately went to her blog for advice.  Under her FAQ's she recommends the GHD flat iron and that's exactly what I bought! Let me tell you... I am in love!! It heats up in less than 30 seconds & automatically turns itself off after 30 minutes of no use.  It's definitely one of the more expensive flat irons, but definitely worth the money!


 I have pretty long hair, but love the idea of a half updo.  It's cute & seems relatively easy, which is always a huge plus for me!


This is perfection for me.  A cute, messy bun that can be made to look fabulous for New Year's.  
Too much for a New Year's Eve look?!
What's your favorite hairstyles for New Year's? 

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