Party Planning Over Vacay Planning On

January 31, 2012

Now that Bella's party is nice & finished, it's one less stress for this Momma to have.  Whew!
Now it's time to get down to the nitty gritty in planning our Disney Cruise & Disney World Vacay! We've already booked our cruise & flight, and since the Hubs works for a rental car company, that's set too! Now it's figuring out where we will stay once we get to Disney World & where we want to go. This little girl is more than excited for our trip...

Anyone been to Disney World or on the Disney Dream & want to help this Momma out a little?  Any and all help is mucho appreciated! 


 The little girl in this pic is freakin adorable & eventhough Bella will be a few years older than her, I hope to get a picture almost like this one of Bella & her favorite princesses! Memories to last a lifetime!

I can't wait!! Only 3 months left!!
On the weight loss front, I've lost over 8 lbs since the last week in December, but this past weekend I went WAYYYY off the plan with my favorite enchiladas, Eric grilling steaks, & having a ton of pizza at Bella's party.  But on the weekdays, this Momma is kicking some Weight Watcher's booty!!! Let's hope I can get down to my ideal weight before we leave for Orlando!! My saying is "Keep Me Motivated People!!" & I could use any and all motivation anyone has for me! 


Birthday Party Blast

January 29, 2012

First let me say that I am officially exhausted!!  The parties were awesome & Bella got wayyyyy tooooo many presents which we're still opening!  Here's some of my favorite pictures from the past few days! Enjoy & hopefully I'll have energy enough to post again soon!

Bella & Meadow

Classmates celebrating birthdays!

My birthday girl

Momma & Bella @ Rudy's celebrating!

The birthday girl is ready for her party!

Aunt Tanya & Bella

Papa & Bella
Kiddos having a blast!

Austyn & Bella having a blast!

Bella getting ready to go down the big slide!

Ethan & Hannah, our littlest kiddos!

Everyone played in the basketball area!

Goodie Bags!

How amazing are these cupcakes?! 

Trying to get the kiddos in a picture!

Bella & Daniel

I'm so in love with these cupcakes!

If you are in the Austin area, Couture Cupcakes are the BEST!

The Birthday Princess!!

Getting her cupcake lit!

We had such an amazing birthday at Pump It Up! This was her 3rd year in a row to have her party there & she's already said she wants to have her 6th birthday there again too!  Just wonderful!!


Friday Loves-Favorite Blogs & Clothes

January 27, 2012

I have been planning, shopping, stressing, and planning for Bella's 5th Birthday party this coming Sunday, so I kinda have been all over the place, which is going to translate in my Friday Loves this week. So hold on tight & know next week will be much more settled into one category! (At least one can hope it will!)
Favorite Blogs this week:

Holy crap this girl is beautiful & I found her site on pinterest (addicted much?!).  She has awesome tutorials on makeup, hair, etc.  I have actually gone out and bought some of the make up she mentions in her videos & love it! It's definitely a must read!

This is run by Lauren Conrad, Kristin Ess, and Amy Nadine.  It has ah-maz-ing tutorials, pictures, how-to's, etc for hair, makeup, wardrobe, etc.  This list goes on and on & trust me you want to read every single post!

Obsessed with Clothing:

I FINALLY bought myself a pair of Tom's in navy last week and haven't taken them off since! They are uber comfy & extremely cute on my feet! These are the ones I am dying for next.  I actually bought these in Bella's size as a birthday present for her.  Hoping she loves them as much as me!

picture {via}
The weather has been pretty warm here in the last few weeks and it's really got me wanting to get more cropped jeans for the Spring.  I love this look, casual yet cute.  Can't wait to be able to start wearing my capris again!!
What are you obsessed with this week?! Please include the link so I can become obsessed with it too & feature it next week!

5 Years

January 25, 2012

5 years ago today I gave birth to the most beautiful, smart, funny, loved little girl.  Bella turns 5 @ 6:08 p.m. today & I cannot believe how fast the last 5 years have flown by.  I remember bringing her home from the hospital, now I have a little girl who starts kindergarten in the Fall & wants to just hang out in her room and watch TV all the time. 


Look at those eyes, my heart just melts!
Bella has been such a beautiful light in our lives & I can't imagine our lives without her.  I always wondered what God had put me on this Earth to do & I figured out Jan. 26, 2007.  It was to become her Momma. 


you are very independent & boyish, which I love.  You know what you want and you're not afraid to go out and get it.  You love to make people laugh & your favorite word is "booty", which every time you say you start cracking up. 

You love with your whole heart & you already tell me you've met the boy you're going to marry.  (His name is Alex & he's been you best friend for over 2 years now). You have a smile that lights up a room, especially now that you've lost your 1st tooth!

You are not much of a meat eater, but you will always love fruits & some veggies. You aren't too picky of an eater, but you know when you don't like something and there's no way you're going to eat it. We know not to even try to squish it into the foods you love, because you'll know it right away.

You still have your Daddy (& Mommy) wrapped around your little finger & I don't see that ever changing.  We both love you unconditionally and only want the best for you. We love to see you smile & try to keep that smile on every day.


We hope you have a wonderful 5th Birthday & this is the BEST year for you.  We always promised when you turned 5 we would take you on a Disney Cruise & to Disney World, and we can't wait until May when we get to fulfill that promise.  I can't wait to see your face when you meet Mickey & Minnie for the 1st time!

Happy 5th Birthday Baby Girl! Daddy & I love you endlessly!

Finding Nemo 3D

January 24, 2012

Yep you read the title right, Finding Nemo is coming out in 3D! Now your kids can have one of their favorite Disney movies in 3D! The movie comes out in theaters Sept. 14, 2012! Here's a clip from the upcoming movie, Enjoy!!


Weekend Wrap Up

January 23, 2012

This weekend was mainly birthday party mode! Bella's 5th Birthday is this Thursday (where did the time go!?) and her party is next Sunday.  Usually, she has a small birthday party (5 or 6 kids & maybe 10 parents), but this year we're going all out & she's having tons of kiddos & parents alike there.  So I figured I needed to step it up a little.  I ordered adorable invitations that I posted a few weeks ago, am having the cutest Minnie Mouse cupcakes, & decided to even decorate the water bottles for it!

They turned out super cute & I can't wait to see it all come together next weekend!

Saturday night, Bella stayed with her grandparents, so Eric & I had an impromptu date night.  We ended up going out for Mexican food (which I still counted points & stayed within my daily points!), then came home and finally got to watch Bridesmaids.  It was pretty funny, but I think it was overhyped a little.  I did have a few LOL moments during it though!

The Hubs drowning his UT lost sorrows in beer!
Sunday we went to church, then came home to make homemade fat free chicken enchiladas! I wish I would have taken pictures of it, but it was delicious & 2 enhciladas was only 6 points! Definitely going to make that again soon!
I will be taking TONS of birthday party pictures and will post here Sunday night/Monday morning!
Also, I have 2 giveaways ending this coming week! Have you entered the Purex & Jockey giveaway or the $50 giftcard & C3 for Stress giveaway!? Enter today & good luck!!

Friday Loves - Flip Flop Edition

January 20, 2012

It's mid-January and the highs in Austin this weekend are in the high 70's.  (One of the reasons I love being a
Texan and have never thought of moving outside this state!)  Which means it's time to break out the flip flops! 
 It's also time for the 1st pedicure of 2012!! Here's a list of my absolute favorite flip flops for 2012 Spring/Summer.  Enjoy!!


You know my obsession love for American Eagle & their flip flops are the absolute BEST ones I have found.  I always buy a new pair of two from them each year & end up wearing them constantly all Summer and they still last! They are super comfy, all leather, & totally cute! LOVE!! These sell online for $24.50!


Another love I have is for Havaianas.  They are so comfy & are great for vacations, beach days, or lounging by the pool.  These are absolutely adorable & come in gold or silver! LOVE! They sell online for $30!


Steve Madden Beaming's are so adorable! These are more dressy than a regular flip flop & would go perfect with a maxi dress or tank top & cute summery skirt! These just might have to get into my closet very very soon!! They sell online for around $80.


A few years ago one of my good friends was wearing these adorable flip flops. When I mentioned how much I liked them, she told me that they were the most comfy shoes she's ever owned! Ummmm hello?! Yes Please!! These are the Yellow Box Jessica shoes, & I own 3 pairs of these! (One in gold, one in brown, & one in black with zebra!) I adore the friggin shoes so much & wear them constantly!!
So as Spring seem to be fast approaching, please clue me in on your favorite flip flops, I could always use another pair!

January 19, 2012


Since it's the beginning of a new year that means it's time to have a mini makeover to freshen up your look.  You definitely should start with a new pair of eyeglasses. is a wonderful website with tons of different shapes, sizes, looks, colors, etc. You'll love the selection of different glasses they provide & I know you will be able to find the perfect ones for your face!  I've already told the Hubby about this website & he's excited to go on and find a new pair.
Here's the thing I love most... they have a Try-It Mirror! You just upload a picture of yourself, then virtually try the glasses online!  How ah-maz-ing is that?! You can know if they are going to look cute before you get them home! They also have a generous refer a friend offer of $30 for you, & $30 for the friend you refer!
Glasses that can completely change the way you look when wearing them!  They have a 110% lowest price guarantee & 100% satisfaction guarantee! They also offer FREE SHIPPING inside the US! 

They also make it super easy to order glasses with your current eyeglasses prescription! All you have to do is order your frame, enter your prescription, and that's it! Super easy! (153)
Here's the best part:
Right now the lovely people at are offering my readers:
Take 20% off your entire order of $80 or more and get FREE US shipping with the code: FS20
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