Bella's Birthday Invites!

January 10, 2012

Bella's 5th Birthday is at the end of this month & the invites are going out this week! My SIL Sandra makes the most adorable awesome cards and invitations EVER, and this year she outdid herself!
We're having a Minnie Mouse themed party since we'll be sailing the seas with Mickey & Minnie soon.  I wanted it to be cute but sassy since that's exactly like Bella! Here's what she came up with!
This is the front of the card... LOVE!!

When the card opens up, the info is inside.
How freakin adorable are these babies?! Bella saw them and fell in love with them! It makes turning a year older so much more special when everything turns out better than expected!
If you want an adorable birthday card or some awesome invitations, please email! She makes all the invitations by hand, so make sure to give her enough time in advance to make them perfect for you! (She's quite the perfectionist, which is another reason they turn out perfectly!)

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