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January 27, 2012

I have been planning, shopping, stressing, and planning for Bella's 5th Birthday party this coming Sunday, so I kinda have been all over the place, which is going to translate in my Friday Loves this week. So hold on tight & know next week will be much more settled into one category! (At least one can hope it will!)
Favorite Blogs this week:

Holy crap this girl is beautiful & I found her site on pinterest (addicted much?!).  She has awesome tutorials on makeup, hair, etc.  I have actually gone out and bought some of the make up she mentions in her videos & love it! It's definitely a must read!

This is run by Lauren Conrad, Kristin Ess, and Amy Nadine.  It has ah-maz-ing tutorials, pictures, how-to's, etc for hair, makeup, wardrobe, etc.  This list goes on and on & trust me you want to read every single post!

Obsessed with Clothing:

I FINALLY bought myself a pair of Tom's in navy last week and haven't taken them off since! They are uber comfy & extremely cute on my feet! These are the ones I am dying for next.  I actually bought these in Bella's size as a birthday present for her.  Hoping she loves them as much as me!

picture {via}
The weather has been pretty warm here in the last few weeks and it's really got me wanting to get more cropped jeans for the Spring.  I love this look, casual yet cute.  Can't wait to be able to start wearing my capris again!!
What are you obsessed with this week?! Please include the link so I can become obsessed with it too & feature it next week!

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