Friday Loves - Flip Flop Edition

January 20, 2012

It's mid-January and the highs in Austin this weekend are in the high 70's.  (One of the reasons I love being a
Texan and have never thought of moving outside this state!)  Which means it's time to break out the flip flops! 
 It's also time for the 1st pedicure of 2012!! Here's a list of my absolute favorite flip flops for 2012 Spring/Summer.  Enjoy!!


You know my obsession love for American Eagle & their flip flops are the absolute BEST ones I have found.  I always buy a new pair of two from them each year & end up wearing them constantly all Summer and they still last! They are super comfy, all leather, & totally cute! LOVE!! These sell online for $24.50!


Another love I have is for Havaianas.  They are so comfy & are great for vacations, beach days, or lounging by the pool.  These are absolutely adorable & come in gold or silver! LOVE! They sell online for $30!


Steve Madden Beaming's are so adorable! These are more dressy than a regular flip flop & would go perfect with a maxi dress or tank top & cute summery skirt! These just might have to get into my closet very very soon!! They sell online for around $80.


A few years ago one of my good friends was wearing these adorable flip flops. When I mentioned how much I liked them, she told me that they were the most comfy shoes she's ever owned! Ummmm hello?! Yes Please!! These are the Yellow Box Jessica shoes, & I own 3 pairs of these! (One in gold, one in brown, & one in black with zebra!) I adore the friggin shoes so much & wear them constantly!!
So as Spring seem to be fast approaching, please clue me in on your favorite flip flops, I could always use another pair!

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