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January 13, 2012

I am knee deep in birthday party planning & Walt Disney World/ Disney Cruise planning all week.  Picking out restaurants, trying to get reservations, booking hotel, deciding on excursions... my head is about to explode! Ahhh the joys of being a Mom!
So since I've been busy busy, my Friday Loves post is a little short today & shockingly enough... all about Disney!! So if you have no plans to visit Disney, go on a Disney cruise, or have a Disney birthday party; you are more than welcome to skip this week's Loves.... I don't blame you...
Disney Cruise Lines are Ah-Maze-Balls for anyone with kids young & old! (I went when I was 7 and am more excited to take Bella!) One night during the cruise they have "Pirate Night".  Everyone on the ship dresses as pirates for dinner (They have extra pirate gear at your dinner table for you!) then everyone goes up to the top deck for a pirate party complete with fireworks off the ship!! This is the thing Bella is uber excited for!! Gotta sharpen our pirate talk a little... Arrrrr Matey!!
Is that a humongous slide that goes around the entire cruise ship?!
Hell yes it is!!
This is what Momma's excited for! We're hoping Bella will be tall enough to go with us, but if not, Momma & Daddy will have to sneak a ride or two in while Bella's at the Kids Quest!
Walt Disney World.... Can't freakin wait!!!!
Bongos Cuban Cafe in Disney World.  My sister took my nephew a few years ago to Disney World & when she got back the thing she raved about the most was Bongos! She kept telling me how awesome the food was & how fun the atmosphere is.  We have already made reservations for the 1st night we're there & I'm ready to try some real Cuban cuisine!
Ahhhhhhhh can't wait for vacay! 
Have a great weekend!

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