Goodbye 2011

January 4, 2012

I'm a little late in posting about our New Year's, but the allergies in Austin have been something of amazing.  I can't go 5 minutes without sneezing, stupid Cedar Fever!! Thank goodness for Zyrtec!!
Okay so onto New Years...
Let me say 1st that we had an amazing time! We had some close friends over to the house to celebrate.  My sil, Sandra, & I hosted the party.  We had tons of yummy food (most of the recipes we found on pinterest!) and just a grand ol' time! Here's some of my favorite pics from the night!

Aren't these the most adorable things?! Sandra made them with our initials on each!

It was definitely a great party & a wonderful way to say goodbye to a wonderful year.  We did decide it would be our last New Year's party until Bella's old enough to go to her own parties (so in like 25 years!).  She was so upset that she didn't get to see the ball drop with us & made Grandma call us a few times to check in.  Next year will be the 3 of us with our own little "party"!

We're so excited to see what 2012 brings our family.  Bella will turn 5 this year, we're going on our 1st Disney Cruise & to Disney World, and Eric will be running his 1st 1/2 marathon! Hope everyone had a fabulous New Year's and a wonderful 2012!


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