My 2012 Goals

January 18, 2012

I usually never post about extremely serious things because I like to keep my blog upbeat & happy, since that's my usual attitude.  This time I'm going to be extremely heartfelt & honest.  I have set some goals for 2012 that I am hoping and praying to accomplish...
1) To be a better mom to my daughter. 
This beautiful little girl is the reason I get up every morning happy to take on a new day.  I feel like I'm a pretty good mom, but sometimes I am too exhausted to play soccer in the back yard or ask her to help me cook dinner when we're running late to gymnastics. 
That's not what life is about.  It's about spending every special minute I can with her before she gets old enough to know that Momma is not cool & not someone she wants to hang out with.  She's my angel & I need to see that more and let her know that she's my light & love. 

2) Loose weight.
The week before New Years I decided to start on Weight Watchers.  My SIL & MIL had both done it a few years back and it helped them incredibly! I am not one to go to meetings every week, so I decided the online version is best for me.  I religiously track every single thing I eat or drink every day.  The first week was torture. I was starving myself & it made me incredibly pissy.  Now it's been 3 weeks & I love the way it's working!  I've lost 5 lbs and can tell more by how little I eat compared to before.  I'm rarely hungry & when I am I look immediately for a tomato to munch on.  No more cheese every time I feel like it or 2 glasses of wine with dinner.  I'm hoping to loose 30 lbs by the beginning of May & I think I can actually do it!

3) Spend more time with the Hubs

Not just date nights which luckily we get to have once a month or so, but actually sitting down in the evenings, shutting off our phones/Mac Book, and talking or watching our favorite shows together.  We've been together for 12 years now & we definitely take our love for each other for granted.  I am determined to show him how much I love him this year (without being obnoxious!)

So that's my goals.  I know I know everyone has weight loss as a goal, but honestly this is my 1st time to ever diet & I am proud to know I am sticking to it.  I have even started taking Zumba classes & running in my neighborhood! (I HATE running with a passion!) I hope to keep all of these up as the year goes on.  What are your 2012 goals?


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