Party Planning Over Vacay Planning On

January 31, 2012

Now that Bella's party is nice & finished, it's one less stress for this Momma to have.  Whew!
Now it's time to get down to the nitty gritty in planning our Disney Cruise & Disney World Vacay! We've already booked our cruise & flight, and since the Hubs works for a rental car company, that's set too! Now it's figuring out where we will stay once we get to Disney World & where we want to go. This little girl is more than excited for our trip...

Anyone been to Disney World or on the Disney Dream & want to help this Momma out a little?  Any and all help is mucho appreciated! 


 The little girl in this pic is freakin adorable & eventhough Bella will be a few years older than her, I hope to get a picture almost like this one of Bella & her favorite princesses! Memories to last a lifetime!

I can't wait!! Only 3 months left!!
On the weight loss front, I've lost over 8 lbs since the last week in December, but this past weekend I went WAYYYY off the plan with my favorite enchiladas, Eric grilling steaks, & having a ton of pizza at Bella's party.  But on the weekdays, this Momma is kicking some Weight Watcher's booty!!! Let's hope I can get down to my ideal weight before we leave for Orlando!! My saying is "Keep Me Motivated People!!" & I could use any and all motivation anyone has for me! 


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