Clean & Green Review & Giveaway!

February 29, 2012

I don't normally talk about my pups on my blog, but let me tell you a little about them... I have 2 pugs, Tuggy who is 11 years old & Roxie who is 7 years old.  They are adorable dogs, but are getting older & Tuggy is starting to have problems going potty all over our house. 
We'll clean it immediately, but we still feel like we can smell it every where.  When I was asked to review Clean & Green Natural Pet Stain & Odor Removers, I jumped at the chance!  I was given 3 different products to try.
Wood & Tile for Dogs

I don't have hardwood floors (yet!), but we do have while tiles with white grout that gets dirty & smelly quite often.  After the 1st accident we had, I grabbed the wood & tile product.  It cleaned it immediately (quite easily too!) & left absolutely no odors!
 "Cleans and permanently removes odors from urine, dog marking, feces and vomit from wood and tile surfaces. Made entirely from non-toxic botanicals, this is safe for pet, people and the environment."

First off, I like the can itself because it has a PUG on it!! So adorable! Here's the thing with my car... I got a new SUV last summer that is my baby.  Seriously my baby.  I rarely let the pups into the car unless we're going to Dallas for the weekend in which I put blankets down everywhere! Neither dog has ever had an accident in my car (knock on wood!), but after a 3 hour car ride, my car smells like a kennel.  I went in and sprayed the Clean & Green Auto all over the carpets of my car & it made my car smell great! This is now a fixture for road trips in my house! I love that it works on leather too!
"Permanently removes pet, cigarette, mildew, gasoline and food odors in upholstery, leather, vinyl and the air. Made entirely from non-toxic botanicals, this is safe for pets, people and the environment."
Furniture Refresher

 This last one might just be my favorite.  Have you ever gone to someone's house and when you sit on their couch, you can smell their pets on it?  I never want my furniture to be that way & this product helps perfectly! I sprayed it all over my khaki couches.  It left no stains & made my couches just smell fresh and not musky.  Made my house seem cleaner as well which I love!
"Cleans and permanently removes stain and dog odors on fabric, upholstery and cat beds. Made entirely from non-toxic botanicals, this is safe for pets, people and the environment."
You can go to their website to order online, check out their facebook page, & follow them on Twitter!
The awesome people at Clean & Green are giving away one product of your choice to one my readers! Enter below & good luck!!

Frist Dance

February 28, 2012

This Friday, Bella has her 1st ever school dance! (It's a Sadie Hawkins dance, but the kids have no clue what that means!) She is so excited because she gets to go back to school at night. 
Her pre-k school is ah-maz-ing! They take them on at least 2-3 field trips each month, have different holiday parties throughout the year, & have dances for the older kids before they graduate in May!
Bella will be in her cutest dress for the occasion & Momma will be taken lots & lots of pictures! I (& Bella)can't wait!

Oscars 2012

February 27, 2012

Ahh the Oscars.
I sat in my living room watching coverage for 2 hours before it started, so by the time the actual Academy Awards came on, I was quite tired! I made it through 1/2 of the show before falling asleep, but got my recap on The Artist pretty much winning everything. 
Here's my Best Dressed of the Night:
 (all pictures courtesy of

Natalie Portman looked stunning in this red classic Dior Haute Couture gown with polka dots. 

Stacy Keibler was gorgeous in this liquid-gold lamé Marchesa gown accompanied by her Oscar nominated boyfriend George Clooney!

Tina Fey, wow! I think she just looks amazing navy Carolina Herrera gown.  Her hair actually is up! (As opposed to everyone else who wore it like we wear ours to the grocery store every day!!)

My Favorite of the Night

Emma Stone is just stunning in this red Giambattista Valli Haute Couture halter.  I'm honestly not a fan of wearing all red for red heads, but she pulled this off perfectly!! LOVE!
Who was your favorites this year?

Oscars Tomorrow!

February 25, 2012

Ladies, our super bowl is tomorrow night! Oscars comes on starting at 5 p.m. on E! Network, & trust me I will be watching every minute! Look for my annual Oscars post Monday morning!!


Friday Loves - Apps Edition

February 24, 2012

If you know me at all, you know I'm in love with everything Apple.  I have the IPhone 4, Macbook Pro, a few IPods, etc.  LOVE LOVE LOVE Apple!  So in the spirit of all things Apple, here are my favorite Apps for this week's Friday Loves Edition!

 Someone please tell me who does not have this app?! It's Ah-Maz-Ing!! I transform all of my pictures with Instagram & have so much fun seeing other people's pictures.  I also love how it automatically posts to Facebook & Twitter! Hello Smarty Pants!

This game is a blast! It's by the same people who brought you Words with Friends (which btw I am also addicted to!), but this is more of a find the words in 2 minutes type of game.  I downloaded it when it was new out & now have a ton of friends I play! I could play for hours if able!

This app is mainly for women, but if you love to change the background on your phone, this app is perfection.  They have tons and tons of different backgrounds & all you have to do is save it, then go to your photos & set as wallpaper! They have chevron, paisley, holidays, etc backgrounds that look beautiful on your phone (the pink background on the pictures are one of my favorites they have!).  The best part?! Cuptakes has a website where you can buy the beautiful prints as a case for your IPhone! Genius!
Now, I'm always on the hunt for awesome apps, so if you have any that you can't live without, please post on the comments, so I can download them to my phone! Thanks & Happy Friday!!

For Bella...

February 23, 2012


Goals Update

February 21, 2012

Is it just me or has the past 6 weeks just flown right by?! We're T-2 months until vacay & it can't get here quick enough! I thought since I posted my 2012 goals in the beginning of January, I should at least give a 6 week update on them.
1) Yes, I am actually still working on all 3 of my goals! So here we go!
1) Be a better momma - I have been working hard on being a better mom.  I'm remembering patience is a virtue & trying to stay as calm & collected as possible when Bella has a fit.  We've made more time for snuggling, cooking together, & learning how to add.  I think it's really working well & she has become a better kid from it as well! I still have a long way to go, but so far so good!
2) Loose Weight- I am still on Weight Watchers & have lost 10 lbs to date!!!! It's so hard to not eat that brownie or not stop for a hamburger on the way home, but seeing the scale go down a pound or 2 each week makes it that much more rewarding! So I'm down 10 have 25 more to go before May! Think I can do it?! I sure hope so!
3) Spend more time with The Hubs- We really haven't gotten to spend more time together, but we have made the time together better.  When we have "us" time, we turn off the computers & silence our phones.  We grab dinner somewhere & come home to watch a movie.  Nothing spectacular, but I really love it! We're trying to penny pinch for the cruise, so huge date nights are out, but mini date nights in are just perfect!
So there's the updates so far.  In 6 more weeks, I will update again (and hopefully be doing even better on my goals!).  Have you kept up your 2012 resolutions/goals?!


February 19, 2012

On Sunday, The Hubs ran the Austin Livestrong 1/2 Marathon! He started training for it about 5 months or so ago & has had such difficulties trying to stay healthy & not in pain constantly, so I'm so proud of him for actually making it the whole 13.1 miles!

My family after The Hubs finished the race! 

His parents,sister, brother in law, Bella, & I were all out in the chilly weather to cheer him on! We used the App called Glympse to keep track of where he was running & were able to park quickly and see him run by, while we waved and cheered for him! It was so special to see his hard work pay off & the excitement of him crossing the finish line! (Lance Armstrong also ran the 1/2 marathon although we didn't get to see him. Love the famous Austinites!)  

My favorite moment of the whole race!
When he was done, we all met up and he gave Bella his gold medal.  She screamed with delight because she got to wear it all day! Just a perfect Sunday morning in the Munoz Household!

LOVE these two! So proud of The Hubs!

Congratulations Hubs for sticking with it even after the pulled muscles, pain, & anguish! Bella & I are so proud of you!

Friday Loves

February 17, 2012

Oh my love for shoes, clothes, & makeup.  Can I do a Friday Loves post on anything else?! Apparently not! Enjoy!

Ya'll know my love for Toms, and so does the Hubs! You are looking at my Valentine's Day gift from him (along with chocolate covered strawberries! He sure knows me well!) They're a light pink color, which for me is perfection for Spring!

This is so freakin adorable for Bella! I love girls in ruffles & pink, and although my little girl prefers jeans and t-shirts, I think she'd be okay wearing something a little more girly like this.  So cute!!

Okay I stumbled upon this dress on The Blue Door Boutique & think it might just have to get into my closet before vacation starts! I am crazy over one shoulder dresses this year & the pattern looks perfect for the beach!

Bare Minerals came out with a compact touch up veil that is to die for.  Small enough for your handbag, so when the shine starts coming through, a few whisks of this & you're all set! And it's only $22! I'm in Love!!



New Disney Apps!

February 16, 2012

By now you know my Bella's love & obsession for anything and everything Disney. When I was asked to review new Disney Apps for my IPhone, I jumped at the chance! Bella was unbelievably excited to get to play with them! I was able to download the Toy Story & It's a Small World Apps, so Bella got to try them out.
It's A Small World App

First off, let me preface this by saying that It's a Small World was my FAVORITE ride at Disney World when I was little.  I actually made my parents go on the ride 3 times in one day, (my poor parents! Ha!) I love everything about it, especially the song, which you hear when you first launch the app.  Brought me back to my childhood! The colors were also so vibrant making the pictures jump off the screen. 

Bella was the ultimate reviewer & she thought the kids in the pictures were so cute.  She kept laughing everytime the song came on & it also helped her to see the words light up at the bottom as she sang along. Such a cute app & definitely one we'd suggest! It also made her that much more excited to see Mommy's favorite ride when we go to Disney World this Spring!

Bella is more than obsessed with anything & everything Toy Story.  Look in her room and you'll see Buzz & Woody somewhere on her bed because she has to have them to sleep at night, so when I downloaded the Toy Story Showtime app, she went bananas!

Here's Momma's favorite part... the words go along with the stories, and when she touches a word, it will stop the story, repeat the word to help her understand, then go back to the story! At the end of each page, it highlights the characters so she can touch them & they will either sing, talk, or do something funny enough to make her laugh every time! This app kept her busy for around 35 minutes which is ah-maz-ing for my 5 year old! I'd definitely recommend this app to kids who are starting to learn to read or just love Toy Story!

All Disney Publishing apps are available from the App Store on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch or at

For more information, visit and, or follow @DisneyReadson Twitter.
Disclosure: I was given the apps in order to review them via the Family Review Network was not compensated in any way for a good or positive review.  All opinions are that of My Munoz Family.

Something Borrowed

February 15, 2012

While recouping this week, I stumbled upon a movie called "Something Borrowed".  I had a few hours to pass, so I turned it on.  I loved the movie! So cute & I ended up loving almost every character in the movie!

Mainly I fell in love with Dex! OMG this guy is adorable! (Seems his real name is Colin Egglesfield... Yummm!!)  His eyes and smile melted my heart! Reminded me a little of Tom Cruise back in the day! 

I mean seriously people?!?!? Hello!!
So if you've got 2 hours to spare, check into this movie.  I caught it on HBO on Valentine's Day.  And nope, not a paid advertisement at all, just loved it!


Valentine's Breakfast in Bread with Petit Jean Ham & Bacon #TXBacon

February 14, 2012

Since Valentine's Day fell on a Tuesday, the Hubs & I decided to celebrate on Saturday morning! I decided to surprise him with breakfast in bed.  His favorite breakfast is always scrambled eggs with ham & bacon.  I went to HEB to get the ingredients for the special breakfast!

Going into my HEB!

Love the Valentine's Day decorations!

Found the Petit Jean Bacon!

And the Petit Jean Ham

On Saturday morning, I woke up early and started cooking.  First the Petit Jean Ham & Bacon. I love that Petit Jean is the official Dallas Cowboys ham & bacon!

Cooking the Ham & Bacon first

I always put them on a paper towel to soak up extra oil before eating
Once I was all done, I grabbed my plate and his and went upstairs to wake him up.  Funny thing, he was already waking up because he smelled delicious Texas meats cooking downstairs! 
Mt plate of eggs with cheese, bacon, & ham

The Hubs Valentine's Day Breakfast!
He ended up eating it faster than I could take pictures of & said we definitely have to keep buying the bacon & ham! I thought it was delicious and ended up finishing mine in record time as well!

I think he liked it!

Here's the easy as pie recipe:
2 slices per person of Petit Jean Bacon
1 slice per person of Petit Jean Ham
2 Eggs per person

1) Put cooking oil on both pans before putting the meats on.
2) Put the slices of ham on one pan & bacon on the other.
3) Cook to desired crispiness (Mine cooked on a medium low heat for 7 minutes).
4) Once the meats are cooked, place on a plater over a paper towel.
5) Break 2 eggs over pan.  Add salt & pepper.
6) Add a touch of milk to make eggs fluffy & cook on medium low heat for around 6 minutes.
7) Once cooked put on separate plate and add bacon& ham.
8) Enjoy!

  • This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias , but as always, all opinons on this & every post are that of My Munoz Family.

Missing Much?!

February 13, 2012

So you may have noticed a lack of posting on the blog last week. That would be due to me having an appendectomy on Wednesday afternoon.  Needless to say, I'm freakin exhausted and not really into blogging much. But that's about to change!

So without going into surgery deets, let me just say that Saturday I managed to make Eric a Valentine's Day Breakfast in bed.  I wasn't able to make the original breakfast I had planned, but still able to make his favorite breakfast & will post all about it tomorrow for Love Day!  

Anyway, we had to cancel our actual Valentine's Day plans, but I managed to make it to HEB by myself today (1st outing in a week!! Woo-Hoo!) and get a few things for him & Bella for tomorrow. I hope everyone has a wonderful week & I am praying to be back to work by Wednesday! Happy Monday! 

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