Friday Loves

February 17, 2012

Oh my love for shoes, clothes, & makeup.  Can I do a Friday Loves post on anything else?! Apparently not! Enjoy!

Ya'll know my love for Toms, and so does the Hubs! You are looking at my Valentine's Day gift from him (along with chocolate covered strawberries! He sure knows me well!) They're a light pink color, which for me is perfection for Spring!

This is so freakin adorable for Bella! I love girls in ruffles & pink, and although my little girl prefers jeans and t-shirts, I think she'd be okay wearing something a little more girly like this.  So cute!!

Okay I stumbled upon this dress on The Blue Door Boutique & think it might just have to get into my closet before vacation starts! I am crazy over one shoulder dresses this year & the pattern looks perfect for the beach!

Bare Minerals came out with a compact touch up veil that is to die for.  Small enough for your handbag, so when the shine starts coming through, a few whisks of this & you're all set! And it's only $22! I'm in Love!!



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