Goals Update

February 21, 2012

Is it just me or has the past 6 weeks just flown right by?! We're T-2 months until vacay & it can't get here quick enough! I thought since I posted my 2012 goals in the beginning of January, I should at least give a 6 week update on them.
1) Yes, I am actually still working on all 3 of my goals! So here we go!
1) Be a better momma - I have been working hard on being a better mom.  I'm remembering patience is a virtue & trying to stay as calm & collected as possible when Bella has a fit.  We've made more time for snuggling, cooking together, & learning how to add.  I think it's really working well & she has become a better kid from it as well! I still have a long way to go, but so far so good!
2) Loose Weight- I am still on Weight Watchers & have lost 10 lbs to date!!!! It's so hard to not eat that brownie or not stop for a hamburger on the way home, but seeing the scale go down a pound or 2 each week makes it that much more rewarding! So I'm down 10 have 25 more to go before May! Think I can do it?! I sure hope so!
3) Spend more time with The Hubs- We really haven't gotten to spend more time together, but we have made the time together better.  When we have "us" time, we turn off the computers & silence our phones.  We grab dinner somewhere & come home to watch a movie.  Nothing spectacular, but I really love it! We're trying to penny pinch for the cruise, so huge date nights are out, but mini date nights in are just perfect!
So there's the updates so far.  In 6 more weeks, I will update again (and hopefully be doing even better on my goals!).  Have you kept up your 2012 resolutions/goals?!

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