February 19, 2012

On Sunday, The Hubs ran the Austin Livestrong 1/2 Marathon! He started training for it about 5 months or so ago & has had such difficulties trying to stay healthy & not in pain constantly, so I'm so proud of him for actually making it the whole 13.1 miles!

My family after The Hubs finished the race! 

His parents,sister, brother in law, Bella, & I were all out in the chilly weather to cheer him on! We used the App called Glympse to keep track of where he was running & were able to park quickly and see him run by, while we waved and cheered for him! It was so special to see his hard work pay off & the excitement of him crossing the finish line! (Lance Armstrong also ran the 1/2 marathon although we didn't get to see him. Love the famous Austinites!)  

My favorite moment of the whole race!
When he was done, we all met up and he gave Bella his gold medal.  She screamed with delight because she got to wear it all day! Just a perfect Sunday morning in the Munoz Household!

LOVE these two! So proud of The Hubs!

Congratulations Hubs for sticking with it even after the pulled muscles, pain, & anguish! Bella & I are so proud of you!

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