Weekend Wrap Up

February 6, 2012

What a roller coaster of a weekend! Beside the fact of having to carry my kicking, screaming, throwing things in public child out of Gattiland after her friend's birthday party, the weekend was pretty quiet. 
Yes, you read that right.  Here's the deets... Bella had a double birthday party for 2 of her friends at Gattiland on Saturday.  Parents, please do not give the kids noise makers at the BEGINNING of a party, because all the moms & dads will be going home with migraines at the end of it.  Now I'll step off my soap box, thank you.  So after pizza, candy, games, & 2 birthday cakes; the kids got to go to the games area to play.  They have bumper cars in there, but the kids have to be 44" tall to ride... Bella's 42".  Yep meltdown that every one of her friends gets to ride except for her.  The lady working the thing would even budge, which I get because of safety, but wow Bella was pissed! We decided it was time to go since she had the entire place looking at us wondering who just tried to kill a kid since she was screaming so loudly.  Eric & I literally had to carry her over our shoulders trying not to drop a 40 pound squirming, screaming kid.  Let's just say Momma need a lot of wine that night!
Sunday was actually fantastic! After we all 3 sat down to discuss why her actions were not suitable for public or any place else for that matter, we went to church then headed to a friend's housewarming party.  They have a beautiful home & Bella quickly made a new friend so she had a wonderful time.  It was such a nice party! We headed home before Super Bowl & watched it and The Voice before falling peacefully asleep.  Momma was exhausted from the entire weekend & actually glad it's Monday!

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