Friday Loves DIY Edition

March 9, 2012

Hello & Welcome back to Friday Loves...
Here's a few facts about me before you actually start looking at my favorites this week. 
1) Yes this post is all DIY's I love.
2) No I have no earthly idea how to sew, knit, or make anything by hand.
3) Yes, I'm one of "those people" who repins DIY stuff on my Pinterest with no intention of ever making it myself.
Let's proceed...


Such a cute skirt and it doesn't seem that tough to make... but I'll just love it from afar!


Oh-My-Gosh I want this headboard in my master bedroom like now! Seems easy enough?! Maybe The Hubs can help me make this sometime in the near future...


Hello Lover, can you just make yourself and quickly get into my closet for me?! No?


This is totally not even remotely possible for me to make! Maybe they carry this at Urban Outfitters or Pottery Barn? Anyone, anyone?!
Happy Friday Folks!

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