Scary Milestone

March 7, 2012

Yesterday, The Hubs & I took the day off work to get Bella registered for kindergarten.  I'm serious when I tell you I was more nervous than she was.  Just walking into her soon-to-be school made my stomach turn in knots. 
How can this little baby I remember bringing home from the hospital like it was yesterday; already be starting kindergarten this year?! She was pretty shy to the teachers and hid behind our legs when they were talking to her, but she did do well following the counselor around getting a tour of her school. 
And btw, when did elementary school kids get a choice for lunch?! When I was in elementary (wee years ago) we had 1 choice for everyone or you can bring your lunch.  Now it's 3 different choices each day.  How is my 5 year old going to decide which one she wants without her Momma's help? ;)
So here I sit knowing in 5 months my little baby girl will be carrying a backpack, and getting to know new kids, new teachers, etc. starting her academic career?  Brings a tear to my eyes!  

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