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March 12, 2012


Bella starts kindergarten in the Fall, but we feel like she's been in preschool school for a while now & has made friends I hope she never forgets. One thing I think would be perfect for this year is a Shutterfly Yearbook, so she'll always have memories of preschool.
I love that I can put different pictures that I & the other parents have taken of our kids together & make a photo yearbook of their time together. This way, even though they'll all be at different elementary schools next year, they'll never forget their 1st classmates & the memories made together.
Some of the best things about Shutterfly's yearbooks are that they are easy to make, not too expensive, & are made of good quality so they will last! They can be made for one person, a classroom, or the entire school. 
You can check out their new yearbooks online, facebook, twitter, & pinterest! It's definitely something I will be getting Bella for the end of this school year!
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All ideas & reviews are that of My Munoz Family. 

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