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April 30, 2012

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Friday Loves - Maxis

April 27, 2012

The high in Austin today is 95... seriously. 95 and not even May yet...
What helps with this heat?! A really cute maxi dress.  Here's my favorites for this week:
I love the nautical feel going on lately. Especially this dress that's so adorable!
I think this is the absolutely most adorable dress!! I WANT it for our vacation!!!
(hint hint Honey!)
I'm loving all these bright colored dresses! This one is so adorable & would be perfect in my wardrobe!!
Happy Friday Peeps!

Marvel's The Avengers

April 26, 2012

Anyone else super excited for this movie to come out?!

Here's a clip from the movie!

Marvel's the Avengers hit theaters May 4th!!


Weekend Wrap Up

April 23, 2012

This weekend was pretty low key for us, which is what we really needed! Saturday night we had some friends over to watch the UFC fight & have some drinks. It's was really fun & great to be able to kick back with friends and not be in a loud environment!
Mommy & Bella enjoying the beautiful weather

Love these two!

Friday Love Wedges

April 20, 2012

I love wedges for the spring/summer time! They're cute, hopefully comfy, & goes well with shorts or skirts! LOVE them! Here's my favorite wedges:
These wedges from American Eagle are so cute! I love the colors available & cork accent!
These are also so adorable! I love the T strap!
I am in love with these! They are so cute & would go well with almost anything! Perfect!!
Happy Friday Peeps!

Disney Dreaming...

April 18, 2012

I have been a little bit MIA from my blog lately, due to being sick & getting ready for vacation. In a little over 2 weeks, our family will be flying to Orlando to board the Disney Dream! We are all sooooo ready & excited for our vacation, the next 2 weeks can't come fast enough!
I am so excited for Bella to actually meet at the Disney characters in person on the ship!
 2 more weeks.... 2 more weeks....

Weekend Wrap Up

April 16, 2012

We went home to Dallas this weekend to celebrate my sister & sister-in-law's birthdays. We had too much fun with my family & friends, can't wait to go back! We were able to celebrate my friend's mom's life Saturday afternoon & I was so happy I was able to be there for her.
Saturday night, we all met up at La Hacienda Ranch for the birthday dinner. After delicious margaritas & fajitas, we were able to chat for a while & had a great time. 
Perfect weekend!

Eric & I @ La Hacienda Ranch

My Lil' Cowgirl

Me & My Sis! Happy Birthday!!!

Friday Loves - Bronzer & Blush

April 13, 2012

I like makeup... a little too much sometimes, but what I love the most (especially now with Spring and Summer) is blush and bronzers. Even if I don't want to wear makeup that day (which means I must be dying!!), I will still put on a little bronzer for contouring & blush on the apples of my cheeks. Instantly look healthier & happier! Can't beat it!
Nars Blush

I LOVE my Nars blush! It's pricey, but I can't imagine not using it. It's a daily ritual for me.  There's so many great colors to choose from... have fun deciding!

This is my other favorite blush, mainly in the winter when I don't want to look too sunkissed. It goes on pretty light & just highlights your cheekbones perfectly!


This is some seriously dark bronzer, but it's perfect for contouring during the summer.
Tarte Matte Waterproof Bronzer

Waterproof bronzer?! Perfection!!!

Happy Friday Peeps!!



April 11, 2012


Bella came home from school yesterday with 5 temporary tattoos up & down her arms. She loves them! Momma hates them.... waiting for 13 more years when she'll be legal to get a real one.... SCARY!!!

Weekend Wrap Up in Pictures

April 9, 2012

Such a wonderful & fun weekend! Here's my weekend wrap up in pictures!
Friday night basketball with my family

Decided to try blonde for the summer... I LOVE it!!

It's been so long since we 3 hung out, and a little American Pie movie was perfect!

Easter Sunday before church

Celebrating Easter with my loves... perfect!

Friday Love - Rascal Flatts

April 6, 2012

Last night Eric & I had date night! On a Thursday?! Whaa? Yeah shocking to us too, but we wanted to see the Rascal Flatts Changed event & we were so glad we did! It was great to hear some of the new songs off their album, "Changed" & some old favorites. They also showed their families & a lot of behind the scenes, which was really awesome to see. So today my Friday Loves is my favorite songs from the event last night!


This was my husband's favorite song of the night! While walking out of the theater, he got on his ITunes & downloaded the song! (He NEVER downloads songs, so it was a shock!) It's a fun up beat dancin' song!
The while album is awesome and something I will be buying & listening too!
Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!


Too Close To Home

April 4, 2012

The tornadoes that touched down in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area yesterday came way to close to home for me.  I grew up right outside Arlington, TX & seeing the pictures of the houses near my Dad's home torn up just shocked me. I am gratelful no lives were lost & thankful my Dad was not home at the time. I will pray for everyone who got injured or lost their house to the tornadoes.
Here are some pictures from the storms.

All pictures {via}

The Start of Something Beautiful

April 2, 2012

Yesterday we went to DKR Memorial Stadium & watched the 2012 Longhorns Spring Training!
Apart from Eric & I getting a little sunburned,(We coated Bella in so much sunblock, nothing was going to get to her!)  we had a blast!

We only stayed until halftime because the sun was scorching on us and it was around 90 degrees, but let's just say that they looked awesome! Can't wait for September!

Hook 'Em Horns!!

My Future Longhorn!


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