Little More Pinterest Love

May 31, 2012

For a while I decided that Pinterest was a waste of time & everything I loved on there either ended up costing a pretty small fortune or lead me to a dead end so I could never find out where to get the adorable top on a super skinny model that would look like crap on me...
Until Monday when for some odd reason I thought I'd jump back on the Pinterest bandwagon and see what's pinning. Yep I'm hooked again. At least for the summer time until fall comes and boots, jeans, & sweaters start showing back up which we here in Texas can't wear until November.
Here's my favorites today:
This is something my mom told me over & over when I was growing up. It's so true. If we had a boy, I'd be proud if he turned out just like The Hubs!
The infamous bubble necklace from J Crew. It retails for $150, but you can go on Ebay and find a wonderful $15 deal on a knockoff... yep that's what I plan on doing!

I need to remind myself of this more often, especially since swimsuit season is upon us...

Happy Wednesday

May 30, 2012

I love knowing it's only my 2nd day back to work & already Wednesday! Here's my favorite Pinterest pins for this week...

This is SO ME!! I always get into my pj's once I know I'm home for the night. Why not be comfy?!

 This outfit is me in every sense of the word. I am in love with that darn bag (too bad it's $285!) Anything shorts and t-shirt is perfection in my book!

Here's what I say to this.... AMEN!

Please let me be here again soon... I know we just got back from the beach, but it's already calling my name!!
Happy Hump Day!!

Memorial Weekend Recap

May 29, 2012

Between graduation Friday, camping over the weekend, & Bella going on her 1st boat ride and tubing, the weekend was a definite success!!
Mommy & Bella before graduation

My little graduate!

Bella & her friends graduation

At Canyon Lake

Bella & the Hubs tubing!

Friday Loves - Summery Skirts

May 24, 2012

I am writing this a day early because tomorrow morning, my daughter is graduating from pre-k! I am honestly nervous & excited for her. She's so excited but I know she doesn't realize she's not going to see all the kids she's grown up with & went to class with anymore. 
Breaks a Momma's heart...
So the heat is starting to soar in Texas & that means no more jeans or capris for me.  I'll be in shorts and mainly skirts all summer long! Here's my favorite skirts this week...
Print Pocket Skirt

There was a while (mainly the fall-spring this past year) that I hated everything Old Navy had out. I used to make a weekly trip there for cute stuff for the family, but over the past year I just stopped going. My love for Old Navy is starting to come back & in full swing! I think this skirt is so cute with a tank & sandals! Love the color & that it has pockets!
Mixed Stripe Skirt

Also from Old Navy & super cute! I think I am also crushing on yellow this summer...
Embroidered Flare Skirt

This one's from AE & seems super cute. Also seems super short, which is not so cute...

Happy Friday Peeps!



Lately, I've been trying to make sure and take a lot of pictures throughout the week & weekends. It's like 2012 is flying by & I am forgetting to capture all the great moments!
Here are my favorite pics from the past week:
Bella (being her crazy self!) & Momma having some girl time

Our apple tree is blooming!

Crazy fun Saturday night with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, & cousin-in-law!!
We're going camping for the 1st time in forever this weekend & trust me, many a picture will be taken! Posting next week!!

My New Favorite Dress

May 23, 2012

On Saturday I had to take a skirt back that I thought I fell in love with but realized after a month with the tags still on it, that I was wrong... I went to Old Navy with the skirt & decided to look around. I found this cute summery dress. It was the perfect shade of purple, so I thought "Why not?!" I tried it on & fell in love with it! So light & it fit perfectly!!
Women's Ruffled-Yoke Dresses

Isn't it adorable?! It also comes in turquoise & black. I might have to look at getting the turquoise soon!! Here's a pic of me Sat night with my new favorite dress on. My adorable sister-in-law, Sandra is with me in all her beautiful pregnancy! (Can you tell I'm uber excited to be an Aunt again?!)
Isn't she adorable with her little baby bump?! LOVE!
So what's your new favorite Summer dress?!

Growing Up

May 22, 2012

On Friday Bella will be graduating from Pre-K at her daycare. They will be in caps & gowns, singing songs, & getting their diplomas.  I cannot believe my little girl is starting kindergarten in the Fall.  I know I will be tearing up during the ceremony!
Sorry for the bad picture, will post better ones this week!
Bella is so fiercely independent it's amazing. I can't help with anything anymore, which is nice because it frees up my time to get cooking and cleaning done, but it also makes me sad.  I know she still needs me for the major things & she is still my cuddlebug, so I'm definitely not complaining! I am just realizing that 5 years flies by quickly!
Bella, you are such a smart, funny, beautiful little girl!
I cannot wait to watch you grow and see the beautiful woman you will grow into.
As you start school in August, my heart will break dropping you off on the 1st day.
New teachers, new friends to make, learning new things, and above all growing into a darling little girl.
We are so proud of you and who you've become so far.
Happy Graduation Baby Girl!

Crawl for Cancer 2012

May 21, 2012

Every year my friends & I participate in the Austin Crawl for Cancer. It's an awesome day with tons of friends for a great cause.  I've blogged many times over the years about it & this year will be our 5th year to crawl! The info is below, & you can go to their website to see if there's a crawl near you!

Crawl Information

Teams will travel to five bars. At each bar, teams will be given four tickets valid for four pitchers of beer. Everyone is invited back to the after-party for music, beer, and more fun!
Teams should have ten to twelve people, including the team captain. If you have more than ten people on your team, you will need to include an extra $20 for each additional person.
The deadline to have your entries submitted is May 28, 2012 or whenever the maximum number of teams is reached.
•March 26, 2012 —May 11, 2012 : $400 entry fee ($40/person for a team of 10)
•May 12, 2012—May 28, 2012 : $450 entry fee ($45/person for a team of 10)
The entry fee includes ten t-shirts, beer for the Crawl and beer at the after-party.
Don't procrastinate! Get your team members together today! Failure to submit the correct entry amount before the May 28, 2012 deadline (or before the Crawl is full) could cause your team to be denied entry into the Crawl.
SAFE RIDE PROGRAM: All participants are encouraged to take advantage of this program. For every 10 canned goods you bring to donate to a local food pantry, you will receive $10 in taxi vouchers. You must bring 10 cans to receive a $10 voucher. Cans will be collected at t-shirt pick-up the day preceding the Crawl, and from 12:00-2:00 pm the day of the Crawl. Canned goods will not be collected after 2:00 pm the day of the Crawl.

The date of the Austin crawl is June 16, 2012! You know me & my group will be there having a blast. We hope you can join us!

Here's some pictures from our crawl in 2011!

Me & my favorite girls!
Sandra, me, Vicky, Sonia, & Jess

The Reason We Crawl


Friday Loves - Eyeliner

May 18, 2012

I'm finally catching up with reality & blogging, which means I can actually post a Friday Loves! Woo-Hoo!
This week I'm focusing on my favorite eyeliners. I love all types of eyeliners, my favorite being waterproof liquid liners. They just make your eyes pop!  So here's my 3 favorites:
Mac Eye Kohl

I use the color called Teddy. It's a bronze color & actually lasts all day eventhough it's a pencil liner. Also it goes on smoothly! Perfect for those summer days!

Okay this is my go to daily eyeliner. It glides on smoothely, and stays put all day, even when I rub my eyes! It's a little pricey, but I've had mine since Christmas and it's not run out yet... love! The color I get is Dark Brown. (I never wear black eyeliner, too dark for me!)
Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner
And for a little less expensive eyeliner, my favorite is Revlon Colorstay. It is a twisting self sharpening type eyeliner & once you have it set, it tends to actually stay. Ah-maz-ing!
Happy Friday Peeps!

She's A Natural

May 17, 2012

We live in Central Texas, home of deer hunters (& other hunters). Eric & I are definitely not hunters,but we have many friends that are. It's starting to like Bella might be following in their footsteps!
I think she's a natural!

Back to Reality

May 15, 2012

Yesterday we started back to work & reality. 4:30 a.m. alarm I haven't had to wake up to in over a week, oh and back to working 9 hour days... ahhhh just imagining the beach again...
Apparently, while we were gone we got a TON of rain here in Austin. Which is awesome for 2 reasons: 1) We desperately need rain here! & 2) I didn't get to see any of it since I was in the Bahamas enjoying beautiful sunny 80 degree weather! Until today when it started raining AGAIN! I hate rain & I hate driving in rain.
So it's back to reality & back to blogging again! (Which is the best part of coming home!)

Vacation Joy!

May 13, 2012

We got back from our Disney Cruise & Disney World vacation yesterday, and we had the BEST time. Bella was in 7th Heaven the entire vacation! This momma was exhausted by the time we landed yesterday!! Here's some highlights from our vacation! Blogging will hopefully start back up this week!

Bella at the life sized Andy's World

Meeting Pinochhio 

Her favorite character she met.

Our beautiful boat docked in the Bahamas!

Atlantis Resort

Playing on the beaches of the Bahamas!

The Hubs & Bella 

Pirate Night Family Pic!

This is pretty normal for Bella!

Mommy & Bella before Castaway Cay


After a full day of sunshine in Castaway Cay!

My favorite picture of the vacation... I think she's the most beautiful girl ever!

Disney World!!

This pic cracks me up! She was so excited for the Teacups!

Have I ever told you how much I love these 2?! 
On the Magic Carpet Ride

Mommy & Bella on the last night of vacation

Tanned and happy!

Love my little family!

Bella with Donald at Chef Mickeys!

We had the best time & are already looking at going back in a few more years!! 

Happy Mother's Day to all the awesome Mommies out there! Have a wonderful day, we deserve it!
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