Friday Loves - Summery Skirts

May 24, 2012

I am writing this a day early because tomorrow morning, my daughter is graduating from pre-k! I am honestly nervous & excited for her. She's so excited but I know she doesn't realize she's not going to see all the kids she's grown up with & went to class with anymore. 
Breaks a Momma's heart...
So the heat is starting to soar in Texas & that means no more jeans or capris for me.  I'll be in shorts and mainly skirts all summer long! Here's my favorite skirts this week...
Print Pocket Skirt

There was a while (mainly the fall-spring this past year) that I hated everything Old Navy had out. I used to make a weekly trip there for cute stuff for the family, but over the past year I just stopped going. My love for Old Navy is starting to come back & in full swing! I think this skirt is so cute with a tank & sandals! Love the color & that it has pockets!
Mixed Stripe Skirt

Also from Old Navy & super cute! I think I am also crushing on yellow this summer...
Embroidered Flare Skirt

This one's from AE & seems super cute. Also seems super short, which is not so cute...

Happy Friday Peeps!


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