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May 31, 2012

For a while I decided that Pinterest was a waste of time & everything I loved on there either ended up costing a pretty small fortune or lead me to a dead end so I could never find out where to get the adorable top on a super skinny model that would look like crap on me...
Until Monday when for some odd reason I thought I'd jump back on the Pinterest bandwagon and see what's pinning. Yep I'm hooked again. At least for the summer time until fall comes and boots, jeans, & sweaters start showing back up which we here in Texas can't wear until November.
Here's my favorites today:
This is something my mom told me over & over when I was growing up. It's so true. If we had a boy, I'd be proud if he turned out just like The Hubs!
The infamous bubble necklace from J Crew. It retails for $150, but you can go on Ebay and find a wonderful $15 deal on a knockoff... yep that's what I plan on doing!

I need to remind myself of this more often, especially since swimsuit season is upon us...

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