Friday Loves - Dresses

June 21, 2012

I am doing Friday loves a day early because tomorrow I will be posting about the new Disney movie Brave!!

This summer I have to go to a company party for my husband & a wedding. I am trying desperately to find a cute dress that will work for both occasions, which is somewhat hard since they are in August & it's going to be around 110 degrees out. Here's my favorite so far:
Tiered Peony Chiffon Party Dress

This is so cute & I love the color for both occasions. The only worry I have is how short this dress might actually be in person.

So far this seems to be the winner. It's from J Crew, long enough and with some cute jewelry and heels I think this could work for both places!
Strapless Lace Dress
This one looks super cute & not too uncomfortable... only question is what color shoes?!

Happy Friday Peeps!

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