Friday Loves - Summer Hats

June 1, 2012

I love lounging on a boat all weekend getting a nice tan (hopefully not a burn!), but I also like making sure my highlights don't get too much sun & that my scalp keeps from burning in the heat. That's why I love hats. I wish I could pull hats off better & look cute in them with my swimsuit, but I still love sporting one at the beach or the lake! Here's my favorites:
Lace Trimmed Fedora
This is super cute & sells for $10.50!! Perfect with a little bikini!
Folded Trim Cowboy Hat

I kinda feel that anyone over the age of 25 should not sport a small folded cowboy hat, but hey it's Texas, it's hotter than heck, & it's summertime... sport it if it works for ya!

And because no summer is complete without your own camo hat, here's my favorite... HOOK 'EM!

Happy Friday Peeps!


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