So Proud...

June 14, 2012

On Tuesday, Bella asked if she could help make dinner. Now let me preface this story by saying she almost always asks if she can help make dinner, but by the time I start making dinner she is so caught up on her Macbook or in her show, she forgets she wanted to help...
So on Tuesday she came over when I was starting to cook & asked to help. Which either means A) There was nothing good on TV or B) Her computer died. I was making Arroz con Gandules (Puerto Rican rice & beans) which is hers and The Hubs favorite. I said no problem, grabbed her a chair, and we started cooking together.

She actually did almost everything (notice the stove is actually OFF & now really looking at the pic, also very dirty...). I gave her each ingredient and she poured them in, stirred, etc. Once I had to turn the heat on, Mommy took over. I was shocked because she was so excited she helped cook dinner. Every night since she has helped Momma cook & I couldn't be more happy.  I LOVE to cook (especially Puerto Rican food!) & I am hoping I passed that gene down to Bella!

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