2012 Olympics

July 31, 2012


Is anyone else glued to their TV's all night watching the Olympics? I will literally watch almost every sport they are showing just for the fact that it is indeed the Olympics! My personal favorites are diving, swimming, beach volleyball, & of course gymnastics!


Okay 1st off, did anyone notice that NBC showed a commercial for the Today show saying Missy Franklin had won gold moments before they actually showed the race??? I saw it & said are you kidding me?! C'Mon!!! You can't wait 5 minutes to show that commercial?

On another note I was super sad to see Jordyn Weber not make the all around finals. I think Ally Raismann & Gabby Douglas are indeed amazing, but I wish we could have gotten all 3 of them to compete.  I think they might have taken all 3 medals... just me though!

So, only a week and a half more of the Olympics before my TV goes back to reruns & horrible reality TV shows that waste an hour of my life... Ha!

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