Friday Loves - Hodge Podge

July 13, 2012

I've been all over the place lately & it's starting to show in my blog. Between family stuff, work stuff, & life stuff, my blog has taken a backseat for the summer. So if I'm not posting as often you know why. I'm also running out of things to love since I rarely get to a store or mall that doesn't have groceries in it. So please excuse the hodge podge today... let's begin:
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable
Okay so I've heard and heard about this in the blogosphere lately. You know me, I buy makeup like crazy, but never lipsticks/lip stains/gloss... blah. I am a Chapstick die hard girl. I go through a tube a month or so & love it. But I tried this in Cherish & I am now obsessed! It's super moisturizing, the color stays for quite a while, & it has a hint of a minty taste to it. To die for... LOVE

I am obsessed with a blog called Designer Bags & Dirty Diapers. She finds the cutest clothes, jewelry, etc. Well today she showed these fabulous necklaces she bought for $6!!!! I literally read it, clicked on the link she had and bought myself the black one! Can't wait to get it in!
Aquage Hydrating Mist
Confession...I highlight my hair... A LOT... and it gets dry... A LOT. I only ONLY use the Aquage Hydrating mist on it after I wash it & it's a miracle for my hair. It's pricey ($17 a bottle at my salon), but so very worth it. In fact, I'm almost out of it & will be buying a new bottle tonight when I get my highlights retouched!
Happy Friday Peeps!

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