Weekend Wrap Up on a Monday!!

July 2, 2012

Omg, am I actually posting about our weekend on a Monday?! Heck yes! Probably because it was a pretty quiet low key weekend for us, so Momma was able to get a good night's sleep Sunday night...
Friday night I had girl's night to watch the Magic Mike movie. It was the 6 of us and hundred of loud screaming drunk women in the theater.... fun times. The movie was eh, but we all had a great time!
Girls night with Gia, Katherine, Jamie, me, Sonia, & Cansas
Saturday we ran a ton of errands, then got to see my soon to be niece or nephew on a 3D sonogram! I'm already in love with that baby & it's cheeks!!! So adorable!!

Saturday night we stayed in and watched the Olympic trials. Bella kept herself entertained playing dress up & getting us to act like we were in her class.

Bella Saturday morning dancing around to Stoney LaRue!
Sunday morning we went to church, then headed to the mall. Momma needed a few things, but by the time we left, our hands were full of shopping bags! Bella is in love with anything from the movie Brave, so we stopped into the Disney store & got her the Merida doll & one of the cute bear dolls.  On our way out they stopped us and asked if she wanted to play a Brave game. Guess what she said?!

At the Disney Store playing the Brave game!
Sunday night we stayed home since it was FINALLY raining & watched the gymnastics trials. Yeah we're huge Olympics people, so starting July 27th, we will be glued to the tv watching every single solitary sport showing on the Olympics. My poor DVR has no idea what's coming...

The Hubs & Bella before his daily 3 mile run!

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