Here We Go...

August 31, 2012

This weekend is the best weekend of the year... kickoff to college football. I can almost smell the beer mixed with queso, the cheering of the crowds screaming Hook 'Em Horns, and the sea of burnt orange all across Austin. It's truly the best time of the year.
Am I a wee bit obsessed? MAYBE... but I am also so excited for this upcoming season! I will miss us playing A&M on Thanksgiving, yet look forward to the new rivalry against TCU! It's gonna be a great Autumn!!
Let the games begin!

Conair Review & Giveaway!

August 29, 2012

I was recently contacted to try out and review the new Conair Infiniti Pro blow dryer & Retractable Bristle Brush. My 1st thoughts were A) I rarely ever blow dry my hair. See I'm lazy, I wash my hair at night and let it air dry while I sleep.... I like to think of it not as laziness but more as time saving. B) I'm a flat paddle brush type girl. I've got long hair & thought that was the only brush for me. Well count me wrong on 2 parts now!
Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875-Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool Model 294
 Rev up your styling power with an Infiniti Pro by Conair Salon Performance AC Motor Dryer hair dryer. Long preferred by hairstyling professionals, AC motor hairdryers are more durable and longer lasting, and deliver faster, more powerful, airflow for up to 50% faster drying time*.  Ionic technology means up to 75% less frizz** for smooth, sexy locks!  It’s so easy to create the look you like – the 3 heat/2 speed rocker switches customize heat and airflow control, while the concentrator provides pinpoint styling.  Finish with the true cold shot button to lock in your style or provide lift at the roots.  Conair has included a bonus bottle of One ‘n Only Argan oil to power up the dryer’s performance. Apply it before drying for protection, or put some on after to nourish, smooth and add spectacular shine. The new Infiniti Pro by Conair™ 1875-Watt Salon-Performance AC Motor Styling Tool Model 294 is available nationwide at mass market and drug store retailers, as well as
So the 1st time I used this was on my birthday party weekend in San Antonio. We had hung out by the pool for a few hours & my hair was in desperate need of a wash. I had to rush seeing as there's 1 bathroom for 3 girls to get showered in... I got out my adorable new blow dryer (to which my friends said was adorable all pink!) It seriously dried my tons and tons of hair so quickly! And with my new brush, my hair was so shiny & not frizzy at all.  It really did help with the tangles too.
I decided to let my friend try it because she has long thick hair & says it usually takes 25 minutes or so to blow dry her hair. She tried it and it took 10 minutes!!!! She was shocked and said it worked amazingly well!
The hair brush took me a bit to get used to. Being round I thought why not try it with the blow dry?! It helped dry my hair faster & kept is less frizzy. Hello?! I'm now in love! It also comes in 2 sizes, so one will be perfect for your type of hair.
Conair Retractable Bristle Brush
 Get all the benefits of a round brush, without the tangles! The Conair Retractable Brush retracts its bristles to achieve a salon-finished look, tangle-free. Create soft waves, fun curls or add body and fullness to your style. This easy to use brush has patented retractable bristles which retract into the barrel with just the push of a button, instantly releasing hair to increase shine and reduce frizz. Just rotate the brush base to start anew. This handy tool is perfect for travel, and the retracting bristles makes for an easy-clean finish and protects them from damage. 
I am love with both of these products! And now you can be too! These awesome people are letting me host a giveaway for the Conair Retractable Bristle Brush! It's perfect for traveling, on the kid's hair, & when blowdrying your hair! 
Enter below & good luck!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclaimer: I was given these products in order to review. I was not compensated in any way for a positive or favorable review. All opinions are that of My Munoz Family.

Weekend Wrap Up SA Style

August 28, 2012

This was literally one of the best weekends we've had in forever. We celebrated my birthday with some of the best girls I know. Poor Eric was the only guy on most of the trip, but he had a great time & only tuned us out a few times...
Friday night I met up with the girls at Krave Wine Bar to start the celebrations off.
Gia, Tin, me, Sonia, Cansas, & Ashley at Krave
The food was seriously amazing as well as the wine! We had such a fun time catching up & chatting about everything and anything!
Saturday morning Lisa, Sonia, Eric, & I headed to San Antonio. We made a quick pit stop in my absolute favorite town ever... Gruene, TX. We had a beer at Gruene Hall, carved our names into the tables (which everyone does!) & just had the best time!
Lisa, Me, & Sonia at Gruene, TX

Eric & I in Gruene Hall
 Afterwards we packed back into the car and headed for San Antonio. We ended up staying at the Westin Riverwalk which is our favorite hotel in SA. We had a great view of the river & a cute little room! Eric looked like a huge p.i.m.p. in the hotel with 3 women, but of course he didn't mind!

Sonia, Lisa, & me at our hotel
 Saturday night we met up with some local friends for dinner & then headed to the bars downtown. Overall, the most fun night I've had in quite a while! Love these people for coming out to celebrate!
Lisa, Sonia, Jess, & Me @ Landry's Seafood


Our sweet waiter brought me a birthday dessert! Yummmmm!!!

The Group at Pat O'Brians! Great Times!
 We exhaustingly headed home Sunday morning, but had to make 1 last pit stop in New Braunfels at Bucee's. Okay if you're not from Texas, you have no idea what a Bucee's is... let me tell you.... it was bigger than a Walmart & definitely packed with any food imaginable plus clothing, shoes, camping equipment, etc. People this is a TRUCK STOP!!! Not a regular everyday store, a friggin truck stop! I of course had to get a koozie with the beaver on it as well as a little beef jerky for the road. Amazing!!

Lovin us some Buccee's!
Really the most amazingly fun weekend! Thank you so much to The Hubs, Sonia, & Lisa for going & making it one of the best birthday's ever! Love you all!

Bella's 1st Day of Kindergarten

August 27, 2012

I Trust You'll Treat Her Well
By: Dan Valentine
World, I bequeath to you today one little girl in a crispy dress.. with two blue eyes...and a happy laugh that ripples all day long, and a batch of light blonde hair that bounces in the sunlight when she runs. I Trust You'll Treat Her Well.

She's slipping out of the backyard of my heart this morning and skipping off down the street to her first day at school.

And never again will she be completely mine...

Prim and proud, she'll wave a young and independent hand this morning, and say goodbye and walk with little-lady steps to the nearby schoolhouse...

Gone will be the chattering little hoyden who lived only for play, and gone will be the delightful little gamin who roamed the yard like a proud princess with nary a care in her little world.

Now, she will learn to stand in lines...and wait by the alphabet for her name to be called...

She will learn to tune her little-girl ears for the sound of school bells, and for deadlines...

She will learn to giggle and gossip... and to look at the ceiling in a disinterested way when the little boy across the aisle sticks out his tongue.

Now she will learn to be jealous...and now she will learn how it is to feel hurt inside...and now she will learn how not to cry. No longer will she have time to sit on the front porch steps on a summer day and watch while an ant scurries across a crack in the sidewalk...

Or will she have time to pop out of bed with the dawn to kiss lilac blossoms in the morning dew. Now she will worry about important grades...and what dresses to wear...and whose best friend is whose. Now she will worry about the little boy who pulls her hair at recess time... and staying after school...and which little girls like which little boys...And the magic of books and knowledge will soon take the place of the magic of her blocks and dolls.

And she'll find her new heroes. For five full years I've been her sage and Santa Claus...her pal and playmate...her parent and friend. Now, alas, she'll learn to share her worship and adoration with her teachers (which is only right).

No longer will her parents be the smartest, and greatest in the world. Today, when the first school bell rings, she'll learn how it is to be a member of the group...with all its privileges, and, of course, its disadvantages, too.

She'll learn in time that proper young ladies don't laugh out loud...or keep frogs in pickle jars in bedrooms...or watch ants scurry across the cracks in a summer sidewalk...

Today, she'll begin to learn for the first time that all who smile at her are not her friends. That "the group" can be a demanding mistress... and I'll stand on the porch and watch her start out on the long, long journey to becoming a woman.



So WORLD, I BEQUEATH TO YOU TODAY ONE LITTLE GIRL in a crispy dress, with two blue eyes, a happy laugh that ripples all day long, and a batch of light blonde hair that bounces in the sunlight when she runs.



Weekend Ahead

August 23, 2012

I'm finally celebrating my birthday this weekend with friends & The Hubs! Friday night we'll be meeting at a wine bar near my house for a girl's night pre-birthday party soiree. There's going to be quite a few of us & I am so excited to try Krave Wine Bar & see what everyone's raving about!  One of my besties, Sonia is crashing at our house that night so we can be up bright & early to head to San Antonio! Lisa's meeting us & the 4 of us will be making a pit stop in my favorite town... Gruene!
We'll be having our first celebratory beer at Gruene Hall... The Oldest Dance Hall in Texas!
Afterwards, we'll be staying on the Riverwalk soaking up the sun at the rooftop pool, then heading out for a night of drinking & celebrating! I can't wait!
So here's to hoping everyone has a fabulous weekend! Pics coming soon!

My Poor Bambino

August 22, 2012

My poor pug Roxie has gone through a lot this week... including surgery yesterday...

I took a pic because it was the 1st time she was out of her crate since the surgery. She's slowly becoming mobile again & Eric said she even ate breakfast this morning! My poor Bambino is getting better & this Momma is thankful!

Weekend Wrap Up

August 20, 2012

So I'm late but not Tuesday late! I'm trying y'all!!

Friday I met up with my absolute bestie, Melissa for our favorite... queso & Silver Patron Mexican Martini's. (Y'all it's to DIE FOR! TRY IT!!) We had a blast catching up on each other's families & talking about blogging & remembering our best memories together. We've been friends for over 15 years now, (yes I am dating myself!!) and we've been through everything together! She truly is my very best friend and someone who I can tell anything to! 
Bad lighting but awesome pic of us!
Saturday we went school shopping for Bella who starts kindergarten in 1 week... omg I can't believe I'm a mom of an elementary school kiddo! I made her favorite for dinner & we had a perfect evening playing and dancing together in the living room!

Sunday we finally made it to church for the 1st time in months, then Eric met one of my co-workers to rock wall climb. It was his 1st time ever & he did amazing! Which isn't shocking to anyone that knows him & how crazy fit he is! 

Made it to the top!
We finished our perfect weekend off by meeting our neighbors at the pool & order pizza. Honestly it was a great weekend! Gave us plenty of rest to get ready for a huge birthday celebration coming this weekend!!! Can't freakin wait!!!

Rubbermaid Lunchbox Sandwich Kit

August 18, 2012

Rubbermaid LunchBlox™ makes packing lunch easier than ever. These modular containers snap together in multiple configurations to efficiently use the space in your lunch box or bag. Containers are perfectly portioned for your favorite lunch foods with handy measurements on the sides of each container. Your lunch stays chilled with snap in Blue Ice™. Individual containers are sold separately from kits so you can configure a different way everyday.
  • Containers stack compactly to stay organized
  • Blue Ice™ keeps your lunch cool on the go
  • Secure lid seal
  • BPA-free
  • Microwave, Dishwasher, and Freezer Safe
  • Sandwich container holds regular and specialty bread
  • Sandwich Kit includes 2 Snack Containers, 1 Side Container, 1 Sandwich Container and 1 Medium Blue Ice
See the full line of Lunchbox Kits HERE
I am so excited to be able to review these! Bella starts kindergarten in 1 week, so these will be used numerous times! The have one size to fit your sandwich perfectly, and smaller sizes to put little "extras" in your kid's lunch. (AKA veggies, candy, a cute note from Mom!) They seal perfectly and fit into Bella's lunchbox! She's excited to use them & I'm excited because it keeps her food cool & I know her sandwich won't be smushed by the time she gets to lunch. Perfect idea Rubbermaid!
Connect with Rubbermaid
Disclosure: I was given the sandwich kit for review purposes. I was not compensated in any way for a positive or favorable review. All opinions are that of My Munoz Family.

10 Things

August 17, 2012

I was over at The Shine Project this morning and saw her post on 10 random things about herself & thought it might be fun & interesting to do the same type post on me!
1) I am obsessed with makeup & hair products. This might not be shocking to some of you who are daily readers to my blog, but seriously I have a problem. My cabinets and under my sink are filled with crap that I bought and hated, but still don't want to throw away just in case.
2) I have no middle name. Something to do with the Catholic Church & something I didn't do in it to get a middle name... idk but I actually have 2 first names... Summer-Leigh
3) NO ONE calls me Summer-Leigh unless they are a) family or b) extremely old & close friends of mine, and that's usually when they want to make fun of me & make me laugh. I hate my full first name...
4) I have to sleep on the right side of the bed. No idea why just do.
5) I've been in Invisalign braces since Feb. 2011. I'm wearing them in the pic above! I'm almost done (4 more months, yes my teeth were jacked up!) & can't freakin wait!
6) I'm originally from Dallas, TX (or a suburb of Dallas) & have absolutely no desire to ever live there again. Eric & I tried living there after college & it was terrible. I do miss my friends back home more than anything!
7) My stylist has told me I absolutely cannot go anymore blonde than I am right now. I have very very dark brown hair naturally that I hate. I love being blonde & don't plan on going back to brown anytime soon.
8) I love taking pictures of myself in my car with my sunglasses on. Don't ask me why, I have no idea, just do. I think those are the ones that turn out the best. Probably because I'm behind my sunglasses so I don't think I look stupid in my pics! See pic below...
Love my friggin Ray Bans!
9) I met The Hubs when I was 18 years old. Freshman in college in a new city, he showed me around & introduced me to his sister who is one of my besties now as well as most of her friends. People from Austin are amazingly outgoing & nice to outsiders!
10) I've been running this blog since 2007. Figured it was a great way for family to see Bella. Now they see her in pics ala Facebook, so the whole reason for this blog is no more... still love to write though!

Birthday Recap

August 15, 2012

My 31st birthday was so almost perfection! (Aside from having to work, but eh it was a Tuesday & really why would I take a Tuesday off?!)
 Around 7:15 a.m. Eric called me at work & told me to come outside.  I was a little shocked, so I went out to meet him & he had brought me roses for my birthday!

He really made my morning! We celebrated at work with a nice lunch, then I headed to get Bella & hang out at home. Eric brought home dinner so I didn't have to cook & I was so happy to just spend time with the 2 most important people in my life.

After dinner, Bella had an idea, so she got The Hubs & they hatched out a plan. They left for a few minutes then came back and told me to close my eyes. When I was able to open them I saw this on my dining room table...

They wanted to celebrate the 10th anniversary of my 21st birthday!! They sang me happy birthday & Bella helped me blow out my birthday candles. It truly was one of the best birthdays I've ever had!

On a whole other note, here are 2 pictures from my SIL's baby shower:

Me, The Mommy to Be - Sandra, & Amanda

Bella thinks they are having a boy!! She was so adorable the whole time!

Add Another Candle

August 14, 2012

Today is my 31st birthday! It's going to be a nice low key evening with The Hubs & Bella. Just the way I like it! Hope everyone has a great day!

Weekend Wrap Up

August 13, 2012

This weekend was hectic to say the least. I worked on Saturday morning, then had to rush home to get ready for Eric's work party. His company puts on a really nice party at the Austonian every year to thank everyone who donates a portion of their salary to the United Way. It's always a great time & I get to catch up with all the wives.
Eric & I at the top of the Austonian
Sunday we celebrated his sister's upcoming new addition. His mom hosted a fabulous couples baby shower for them at their golf club house. We had a great time & Bella actually won 2 prizes! It was so much fun catching up with all of our close friends.
Tomorrow's the big day! Have a great Monday!

Last Week

August 8, 2012

I have one last week of being 30. Next Tuesday I will officially be 31.
WoW! Don't get me wrong, I don't think 31 is old by any means, but I just can't believe how fast time seems to fly. Seriously, I swear I was just 25, with a new baby & wondering how the heck to be a Momma. Now she's 5 1/2 (she makes me put the 1/2 in there when we talk about her age!), going into kindergarten in 2 weeks, and I'm in my 30's.
Sometimes I wonder if everyone feels like there's not enough hours in the day? I mean I work from 6 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., get Bella from school, get a short run in on the treadmill, cook dinner, give baths including my own, & am exhausted and in bed by 8:30! I would love to have a few extra hours to spend playing with Bella more often, talking to Eric about our day more, etc.
Last year when I turned 30, I thought that it would change me completely. IT DIDN'T. I'm still the same 'ol person living the same 'ol life that I absolutely love. So why am I so nervous at turning 31? Is it because I'm officially in my 30's now? I don't know, but what I do know is I'm excited, nervous, jittery, etc. for the next week. I can't wait to celebrate my birthday at the end of the month & will post all the juicy deets with pics (only the good ones!) after.
So here's to 6 more days of being exactly 30! God help me when I turn 31, hopefully the rambling will stop with age! Ha! 

Weekend Wrap Up

August 6, 2012

I would love to share the amazing weekend we had, but this Momma forgot to take pictures (except of herself of course!) So I'll just say we made a bunch of new friends (in the neighborhood & of co-workers), celebrated my birthday for the 2nd out of 4x this month, & ended the weekend playing volleyball in the pool with pizza... ah-maz-ing!!
So here's the 2 pics I actually took...

Friday night finally tried beachy waves...

Saturday morning AKA 2nd day hair... kinda loving it!

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