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August 17, 2012

I was over at The Shine Project this morning and saw her post on 10 random things about herself & thought it might be fun & interesting to do the same type post on me!
1) I am obsessed with makeup & hair products. This might not be shocking to some of you who are daily readers to my blog, but seriously I have a problem. My cabinets and under my sink are filled with crap that I bought and hated, but still don't want to throw away just in case.
2) I have no middle name. Something to do with the Catholic Church & something I didn't do in it to get a middle name... idk but I actually have 2 first names... Summer-Leigh
3) NO ONE calls me Summer-Leigh unless they are a) family or b) extremely old & close friends of mine, and that's usually when they want to make fun of me & make me laugh. I hate my full first name...
4) I have to sleep on the right side of the bed. No idea why just do.
5) I've been in Invisalign braces since Feb. 2011. I'm wearing them in the pic above! I'm almost done (4 more months, yes my teeth were jacked up!) & can't freakin wait!
6) I'm originally from Dallas, TX (or a suburb of Dallas) & have absolutely no desire to ever live there again. Eric & I tried living there after college & it was terrible. I do miss my friends back home more than anything!
7) My stylist has told me I absolutely cannot go anymore blonde than I am right now. I have very very dark brown hair naturally that I hate. I love being blonde & don't plan on going back to brown anytime soon.
8) I love taking pictures of myself in my car with my sunglasses on. Don't ask me why, I have no idea, just do. I think those are the ones that turn out the best. Probably because I'm behind my sunglasses so I don't think I look stupid in my pics! See pic below...
Love my friggin Ray Bans!
9) I met The Hubs when I was 18 years old. Freshman in college in a new city, he showed me around & introduced me to his sister who is one of my besties now as well as most of her friends. People from Austin are amazingly outgoing & nice to outsiders!
10) I've been running this blog since 2007. Figured it was a great way for family to see Bella. Now they see her in pics ala Facebook, so the whole reason for this blog is no more... still love to write though!

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