Weekend Wrap Up

August 20, 2012

So I'm late but not Tuesday late! I'm trying y'all!!

Friday I met up with my absolute bestie, Melissa for our favorite... queso & Silver Patron Mexican Martini's. (Y'all it's to DIE FOR! TRY IT!!) We had a blast catching up on each other's families & talking about blogging & remembering our best memories together. We've been friends for over 15 years now, (yes I am dating myself!!) and we've been through everything together! She truly is my very best friend and someone who I can tell anything to! 
Bad lighting but awesome pic of us!
Saturday we went school shopping for Bella who starts kindergarten in 1 week... omg I can't believe I'm a mom of an elementary school kiddo! I made her favorite for dinner & we had a perfect evening playing and dancing together in the living room!

Sunday we finally made it to church for the 1st time in months, then Eric met one of my co-workers to rock wall climb. It was his 1st time ever & he did amazing! Which isn't shocking to anyone that knows him & how crazy fit he is! 

Made it to the top!
We finished our perfect weekend off by meeting our neighbors at the pool & order pizza. Honestly it was a great weekend! Gave us plenty of rest to get ready for a huge birthday celebration coming this weekend!!! Can't freakin wait!!!

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