Autumn Must Haves

September 5, 2012

Okay people it's September 5th & the high today is 102!! Are you freakin kidding me?! Oh but a "cold front" is coming this weekend which will put us in the low 90's!! Woo-Hoo! (Note the sarcasm!)
So when it's sweltering hot & humid, what do I do?! I look for my favorite things to buy for Fall. Yep cause that's how I roll....
B.P. Classic Crewneck Cardigan

Anything and everything in orange screams Fall to me. Maybe because the Horns play during that time, or maybe because of the leaves changing color, whatever the reason I love the classic cardi sweaters. I own tons & this one will be my next purchase.

Essential Boucle Sweater

I love the coziness of this sweater yet still flatters your figure & looks adorable with a pair of colored jeans! So cute & such an amazing price!
1969 Sexy Boot Button Flap

I love a great pair of broken in looking jeans. Especially when they look great with boots! This pair fits the bill perfectly! The look cute & seem like a comfy pair that fit well... let's hope!

I am on the hunt for a cute pair of cowboy boots for work. Literally, (The Hub's us chuckling over that word!) everyone at work wears them but me! The last time I owned a pair?? Hmmm... 1991!! Seriously! But I really love them & this pair is cute & not too expensive incase my mood changes again next season!
What's your Fall favorites??

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