Emmy Fashion 2012

September 24, 2012

So the Emmys were actually pretty entertaining last night. Sonia & I watched them over at my house and had dinner. We had our favorites and our "What The Hell Were They Thinking" pics... enjoy!
Omg I love her dress! She's 21 I think & looks it in this. Perfect, not trying too hard nor trying to look older than she is. Plus her makeup was perfect!

Is there anything Sofia can't pull off? I love the mermaid silhouette & her hair looked perfect down & not a huge updo like most of the women that night!

Guiliana is definitely my overall favorite of the night! He dress is classic with a cute twist on the bodice & the earrings are perfection!! I love her fashion style always, but tonight she outdid herself!

What The Hell Were They Thinking:
January Jones... I'm not a huge fan of her fashion on any given day, but the weird dress plus the extreme slicked back hair was way way over the top for me.

Never NEVER have your purple hair match your dress!!!

Okay it was sweltering in LA yesterday and this huge yellow monstrosity that covered every single inch of Juilanne Moore did not do anything!
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